Friday, 29 August 2014

Anastasia Auburn & Chocolate DipBrow Pomades & #12 Brow Brush | Review/Swatches

Anastasia Auburn & Chocolate DipBrow Pomades
Anastasia #12 Brow Brush
Anastasia DipBrow Pomades
Chocolate & Auburn 
Dark Brown & Ebony
One of my earlier purchases from Anastasia Beverly Hills was her DipBrow Pomades on the shades Dark Chocolate & Ebony you can see my review on this link. These were my first ever gel brow products as I had been a using brow powders religiously for the best of the past 7 years but since trying these DipBrow Pomades I have been converted partially.

The staying power on these are amazing, the texture is easy to work with as you only need a little amount and they spread quick too, you have a lot of time to work with these before they set and dry and to some degree they are waterproof too! If you have oily/combination skin it may be a good idea to part some powder on your brows first. I have found the texture differs on the shades some shades are softer whereas some are slightly tougher. I got the shades Auburn and Chocolate to add to my kit these seem like warmer tones compared against Dark Brown and Ebony. Auburn is a great shade if you are just wanting a light coverage or even to do the ombre effect. I read some peoples reviews and seem some swatches which stated that Chocolate is darker than Dark Brown but from the above swatches you can see thats not the case. I tried to get the swatch pictures as close as possible to what they appear to the eye.

Next up I got the Anastasia Large Synthetic Duo Brow Brush #12 if like me you like precision on your arch then finding the 'right' brow brush can be a mission and it has been for me. I used the Tarte brow duo brush until I purchased this as that was the right length, arch wasn't too thick however the bristles were way too soft with this brush you can see the tip isn't widely packed, the bristles are densely packed and pretty stiff which works perfectly with the DipBrow Pomades! The spooled end of this brush is much shorter than the average you would get in this kind and a lot stiffer too which means it will lat much longer than an average spooled and enables you to be able to neaten up your brows with a lot more control.

I bought all these when Cult Beauty had their 20% offer on I really want to try the concealers as I've heard so many good things about them and I want to get some refills for my Highlight & Contour palette with some darker shades as they have recently just released a whole load of new shades!

DipBrow Pomades £15.00 each | Brow Brush £15.00
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