Sunday, 6 July 2014

Sigma F10 18k Gold Brush | Review/Dupe

Sigma F10 18k Gold Brush


Sigma is a brand which I love for their brushes, I have the Mrs Bunny Kit in my makeup kit. Some of the brushes are amazing dupes, yes they are still pricey but not so much as MAC. I loved the fact they brought out the 18k Gold series, all the brushes from this range come with a 18k gold plated ferule. Today I am featuring the Sigma F10 18k Gold brush. At the time of photographing this I had close by my MAC 129 brush and it sparked to me at that moment exactly how similar they are!

Sigma F10 18k Gold brush retails at £18.95 where as MAC's 129 brush retails at £28.00 so nearly a £10.00 difference.

The only difference between the two is Sigma F10 is less denser and the bristles are softer, for these two reason I prefer the MAC 129 for applying my blusher. However the Sigma F10 I find is great for applying highlighter or even setting powder all over the face!
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