Wednesday, 2 July 2014

New Release | MAC Pure Heroine | Comparison/Dupe/Review/Swatches

Left: Pure Heroine - Right: Heroine
Left: Pure Heroine - Right: Heroine
Left: Pure Heroine - Right: Cyber & Heroine

As a part of the MAC Lorde collection there was only two products released an eyeliner and then Pure Heroine. It seems that Pure Heroine hasn't been as popular as Heroine or its at least what I think from seeing the fact it is still available and in stock on MAC's website. Anyway being a sucker-pucker for purple lipsticks I can tell you I couldn't have snapped it up any faster.

Above I've done comparison photo's and from them you can see how Pure Heroine is a more deeper berry kind of purple compared to Heroine. From what I've heard this lipstick shade idea came forward when Lorde customised her own shade by mixing Heroine and Cyber lipsticks together (again I've done comparison photos above). I had already tried the combination out before my order came through the post and I loved it, however the results of Cyber and Heroine mixed are different each time. The other difference is that Heroine is a matte shade whereas Pure Heroine is a Amplified finish.

I quite like both the shades and for one am glad that I picked this up. I can seriously tell you now this lipstick will be getting a lot of love from me this A/W!

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  1. This colour looks absolutely beautiful!

  2. Pure Heroine looks amazing, such a gorgeous colour!! Xx

    A Blonde Moment

    1. I'm really glad I bought it, cos I love it x

  3. Pure Heroine is one of my favorite lipstick shades of all time! And from what I've seen it looks amazing on EVERYONE no matter the skin tone. I think that everyone should have it!


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