Monday, 21 July 2014

New Release | Clarins Autumn 2014 Ladylike Collection | Review/Swatches

Clarins Atumn 2014 Ladylike Collection 
Perfect Eyes and Brow Palette
Ombre Matte 
Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base

Most brands are in preparation with their Autumn collections and one of them is Clarins who are always on the ball and lets not forget unto the trend too! I am excited to bring you an exclusive post featuring some of the products for their Autumn 2014 Ladylike Collection.

First up is their Perfect Eyes and Brow palette which features literally everything you need for perfect brows. The palette includes; 3 eyebrow powders, eyebrow wax, highlighter, mini tweezers, wax applicator and a double sided applicator perfect for applying the highlighter shade with one side and the other side a slanted brow powder brush! I'm amazed how they literally got all these into one compact which is the average size of their usual eyeshadow palettes. The powders are such a different texture to the typical brow powder they are more on the silky side and the hand swatches took me some work to remove which only means one thing .. great staying power! You can also mix the shades as I did below, I used the darker shade to create a clean cut line and blended upwards into the lighter shade.

Clarins have also released 6 Ombre Matte eyeshadows which have one hell of a unique texture; cream-to-powder. I have to say I am amazed with these, I remember not so long back MAC released a range of cream-to-powder eyeshadows and let me tell you one thing these are a few cuts above them! Highly pigmented and unlike MAC's version the pigmentation is amazing even when applying with a brush. The texture is a dream to work with and blends literally effortlessly! I for sure will be picking up some more shades! Matte eyeshadow lovers be sure to test these out as you will fall in love.

Finally as a part of the collection they have created a product to go along with the rest of their 'perfecting' range this time one for the eyes which is the Instant Light Perfecting Base. If I am honest I was rather surprised with the consistency which is much, much thicker than I expected. However this is perfect to use as a base, goes on and blends out pretty easy too and once set doesn't move, the packaging comes with a controlled nozzle which is just perfect. This contains oat sugar extracts which smooth out the eye lids and this also contains Instant Lights 3D Pigments which help you achieve a boosted radiance finish. It gives you the perfect canvas as a base neutralises the eyes to one shade making it perfect for you to work your eyeshadows on, whats even better is it works amazingly on they eyes with just mascara and/or liner days. Definitely another winner from Clarins this will be getting a lot of love.

The collection will be releasing in August 2014, is there anything you're excited for?

Perfect Eyes and Brow Palette £35 | Ombre Matte £19.00 | Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base £22.00
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  1. This look is so beautiful Aqeela! And the perfecting base looks incredible - definitely want to get my hands on it!
    Daniela xo | danielascribbles ♥

  2. Wow you look absolutely stunning, you always have such a gorgeous look. I need the base it's stunning xxx

    1. Thank u hun and seriously I love this base x

  3. You look amazing, your highlight game is on point! X

  4. Hi Zoƫ,

    This new Ladylike Collection looks amazing !!! It looks so good on you !

    I really want it but because of my allergies, i had to check first its components to see if they ‘re safe or not for my sensitive skin !! So could you send me the ingredient list of these products please ?? It should be so nice of you !!



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