Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Brand Introduction | Motives Cosmetics Available In The UK | Review/Swatches

Motives Cosmetics
Motives Perfecting Face Primer 
Motives Cosmetics Mineral Gel Eyeliner
Motives Cosmetics Lipstick - 'Times Square'

Motives by Loren Ridinger is the award-winning cosmetics line defined by its creator—a trendsetter who has changed the face of the beauty industry. Simple to use and sexy to wear, Motives cosmetics provide you with an amazing color payoff, a flawless look, and a luxurious feel and finish. With the trendiest colors and industry-leading ingredients to give your eyes, cheeks, lips, face and nails a beautiful look and feel, Motives Cosmetics—like Loren Ridinger—is changing the face of cosmetics.

I was mega excited when I found out selected Motives Cosmetics are now available to us in the UK. If you aren't aware of Motives Cosmetics head over to their Instagram @motivescosmetics you will see just how popular they are, one of the fastest and popular brands in America.

So I quickly snapped up some products one of them was the Motives Perfecting Face Primer this comes with a pretty much similar texture to the smoothing primers that leave a airbrushed mousse like finish. I however found this one was less mousse like but left my skin feeling flawless. Also when applying my foundation it went on like a dream and didn't cling to any dry patches which I have a lot of recently. This claims; 'A clean, satin-finish primer that helps keep makeup looking fresh and prevents fading. The formula also absorbs excess oils and minimises the appearance of pores by evenly distributing light to help hide and soften skin imperfections and fine lines.' I have to say the finish is most definitely satin-like and gave me a lovely dewy look, I also found not only did it work a treat on evening out my dry skin but covered all my pores around my t-zone where they are most visible. This Primer would have to be the one that has helped my foundation the longest by far. Finally the packaging is simple but effective with a nozel that makes it so much easier to control how much product you dispense. I am not usually a primer girl but have to admit I have religiously been using this since I got it.

Next up I got Motives Mineral Gel Eyeliner in the shade 'Little Black Dress' I have a love hate relationship with gel liners and have tried more than enough in my time so I was definitely looking forward to trying this. Firstly this is a mineral based gel eyeliner, what I love the most is the texture which is very soft, glides on like a dream and then quickly dries too, I tried to capture this in the picture above and the pigmentation isn't one so much that looks faded but rather very well pigmented which you will be able to see in the picture below.

Finally I got a Motives Lipstick in the shade 'Times Square' which is a lovely bright, deep fuchsia pink this is pretty much similar to MAC's Girl About Town in texture this lipstick glided on pretty well and one swipe was enough to give a full pigmented finish and lasted very well I would even say longer than MAC's Amplified range now thats pretty impressive! I absolutely love this lipstick it has a slight shine to it but once worn it is more matted, I didnt experience any bleeding with this lipstick which is another bonus. I am definitely looking into buying some more of these especially when they are £3+ cheaper than MAC making this more of a hughstreet priced lipstick!
I am in love with all these products I don't think there is anything I personally found that I didn't like about them. The packaging on all products is very decent, effective and simple and the prices aren't pocket burners either. You can head over to the website link and see what else is available in the UK, I desperately want the Motives Consultant Palette which is pricey but seems to be worth the price tag not only that you get your moneys worth in the palette. I have a discount code for all my lovely followers you can save 10% with the code 10offma and if you live outside of the UK then you can use this website link.

 Heres a look I created using the above products:

Perfecting Face Primer £16.50 | Mineral Gel Eyeliner £14.00 | Lipstick £12.00
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  1. That lipstick is stunning. Will definitely be looking into this brand xxx

  2. The lip colour looks amazing x


  3. WOW what stunning lipstick, looks great on you xxx


  4. The lipstick looks stunning!!!

    1. I've been wanting a shade like that for ages x

  5. The lipstick is such a gorgeous colour, looks like good quality too x



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