Thursday, 19 June 2014

#thefaceofFD Competition | Makeup Tutorial/Look

Do I ever take part in competitions .. nah, I just have the time these days. But when I was asked by Fragrance Direct to take part in #thefaceofFD competition I thought it'd be fun and would be good to add something a little different on my blog to the usual makeup reviews. This competition was put together by Fragrance Direct alongside The Sunday Girl and basically all we had to do was create a tutorial/look and tweet the hashtag #thefaceofFD from there entries needed to be in by today latest and then winners will be chosen on the 23rd June by a panel. Now I by no means expect to win as I found out about the competition pretty late but because it was a little bit of fun I thought why not!
The look I decided to go for was a 'fresh look' you know with a dewy base, bright eyed simple but effective look. This is one that can be worn daily and even more so perfect for summer!
I started off with applying my chosen foundation which was Laura Mercier Silk Foundation, followed by concealer on all the areas I needed to cover up with that my foundation hadn't covered for this I used NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, I then went onto apply MAC Light Boost Prep & Prime under my eyes to add the final touch of radiance and decrease my dark circles that little bit more. A quick tip is when applying concealer use your ring finger in a dabbing motion to warm up the product and soften the product onto the skin, this will allow you to leave the maximum product behind and looks more effective than using a brush to blend which takes away a lot of the product and not to forget the eye area is very delicate! I set my base with MAC Blot Powder and finally I used the Anastasia Contour Kit to highlight and contour, you will notice in my pictures I added highlighter only to the areas I wanted to bring forward and contoured the areas I wanted to hide away and add depth to i.e. nose, forehead etc. I also added a touch of Elizabeth Arden Honey Cream Blusher this can be bought from Fragrance Direct link at a mega discounted price!
Onto the eyes, I used MAC Naked Pigment on the lid, Anastasia Pro Pencil Base 1 on the brow bone and added MAC Vanilla Pigment on top, on the inner corner of my eyes and slightly under my lash line I used MAC White Frost to give the awaken look, finally I added a pop of colour by adding MAC Hepcat under the outer lash line. I also used Illamasqua Vow Pencil on the lash line to brighten my eyes up that little bit more, I didn't go for a white pencil as that gives a more harsher look rather than an off-white which Vow is, this gives more of a softer look. I finished the eye look of with Inglot 77 Liner and MAC Black Extreme Mascara and Anastasia Ebony DipBrow Pomade. A tip with mascara is with your first and second layer you want to focus on the roots more, before applying anymore layers give the mascara 20-30 seconds to dry before adding more and focus more on the tips of your eyelashes. Last of all I Used Calvin Klein Delightful Lipstick which can again be bought from Fragrance Direct link at a ridiculously cheap price. 
Heres some pictures:
No makeup
Base finished
Finished look 
Finished look 2
Close up of finished look
I quite enjoyed doing a look that I would rock through the day (with less effort and probably fewer products) I'd like to wish everyone luck and make sure you check out #thefaceofFD hashtag on Twitter for everyone else's entries!

This competition is open to all bloggers, for T&Cs go to
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  1. Absolutely loved what you did! The color on the lower lash line and the lips are so beautiful!


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