Monday, 16 June 2014

New Release | Sigma Frame Up Brow Collection | Review/Swatches

Sigma Beauty Brow Pencil - Elevate £7.95
Sigma Beauty Brow Highlight Dup - Ray Of Light - £9.95

Sigma have recently jumped on the brow trend and released their take by producing a collection simply for brow which they named the 'Frame Up Brow Collection'. As a part of the collection they have released the Beauty Brow Pencil and Beauty Brow Highlight Duo which I will be reviewing for you today.

Beauty Brow Pencil:
A total of four shades have been released in their pencil version, I went for the second to darkest as I don't have thick brows but rather fine brows as you can see above. I didn't want something too dark but wanted something with depth, I usually tend to fit in with greyish-brown shades when it comes to pencils. Elevate however is a perfect shade and very easily build able as you can compare from the hand swatch to brow example. I'm not much of a brow pencil girl as for me it can end up looking like I've over done them, anyway the pencil itself is great to work with you don't have to apply too much pressure, I think the texture itself is just right. I found it lasted well too so it lived up to the brow gels in this respect. The best way to work with a brow pencil is to work in the direction the brows grow, its always handy to use a spoole to go over them to get rid of any harsh lines.

Beauty Brow Highlight Duo:
I was excited to try this and see how it works, again this comes in four shades. Each duo has a matte shade and a frost shade. Depending on what look I am doing I like to switch between both so this is really handy. I have to mention the pigmentation is CRAZY on these and they can be used as eyeshadows too! In the picture above I have the frost shade on my lid, matte shade under my brow bone and on the crease I have both. The frost shade in this duo is perfect to use as a highlighter on the face too and the matte shade works a treat for my NC30/35 skin as a setting powder! But key thing with neat brows is to highlight as this adds depth and these duo's are perfect for exactly that!

So I'd like to say eel done to Sigma on creating some amazing brow products however I do feel like they should've released a brow gel and brow powders for this collection as it would have been the icing on the cake as both them two products are must brow products!
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  1. These products sound really good, I can't believe how pigmented the highlighting duo is, even in the picture!

    1. Yup my skin wasn't in the best state here but I needed to include a picture to show exactly how pigmented it is x

  2. The highlighting duo looks amazing x


  3. Thank you for sending over your link on Twitter! These Sigma products look gorgeous. As you said, the brow highlighters are so pigmented and the shades are so pretty! :)

    Olivia xxx Beauty from the Fjord

    1. No problem and thank u for passing by, glad you liked my review too x


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