Tuesday, 3 June 2014

New Release | Illamasqua Surrender Matte Lip Liquid | Review/Swatches

Illamasqua Surrender Matte Lip Liquid

Illamasqua have ad a launch of quite a few new products for this summer including the Matte Veil, more shades in the Velvet Blushers and then finally the Matte Lip Liquids.

A total of three new shades have been added to this range, I have to say Illamasqua have definitely got it right with the Lip Liquids as matte lips are becoming a huge trend. Two shades Surrender and Forbidden are more on the pastel side. The Lip Liquids glide on liquid and dry matte.

I found it helps to apply a lip liner before applying these as they are super pigmented and quite thick in texture. The best way I found these work for me are to start with a little and build I wouldn't advise past 3 coats as the texture can get a little too thick. Once dried these don't budge, it can take a little getting used to as they aren't like your average gloss, the colour pay off is amazing too.

As you all know I love the Limecrime Velvetines and these are a very similar concept only difference I would say is the texture. The shade Surrender does clash with my skin tone like a lot of other pastel shades but nevertheless is a lovely peachy pastel shade. These retail at £18.50 for 4ml, the applicator is a lovely flexible plastic brush which is one thing I loved about the Lip Liquids.

Did you know Illamasqua had a #selfie competition on until the 3rd June (today) giving everyone a chance to win everything from the Matte Effects Summer launch!
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  1. This is gorgeous, such a perfect pink colour and the packaging is so pretty,
    Katherine Rose | Uk Beauty Blog

    1. Yeh I love the packaging too shows Illamasqua have put some thought into it x

  2. I love this colour and it looks amazing on your lips x


  3. This is a beautiful colour! x

  4. Love the color! Looks gorgeous on you.

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay

  5. I don't think it clashes at all! It's sooo stunning on your tan complexion!

    1. Ooh thank you I think it may just be that I am not used to pastel shades x


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