Thursday, 5 June 2014

Egypt Holiday Pics | (PIC HEAVY)

Ok I guess now you can understand why it has took me one hell of a long time getting this post up, I had over 300 pictures! We had an amazing time but missed our little man too much which honestly speaking got in the way, we went for 10 days and stained bang on in the middle of Naama Bay. I think we would've preferred 9 days. We did loads of excursions Star Gazing, Quad Biking, Sand Buggys, Visited the Blue Hole, Water Park, Mountain Climbing, Visited Singai and lots more. We relaxed to the max in every possible way, we had 2 full body massages, indian head massages and Turkish baths this was hubbys belated treat to me having a baby and boy did we both need it.

What I found weird was; how at 6pm it was dark, on one side there was a beach on the other side were mountains, how all the Egyptians only came to Sharm El Sheikh to work non actually resided there permanently, how everyones days started after 5pm not that I blame them with all the heat.

This holiday was one we was on two minds about but I'm glad I went as this mentally helped me leave the past 2 years behind, helped me mentally detox and get rid of all the bad memories, struggles etc. I felt 10 times better and even more so myself. Naama Bay is an amazing place and I really would take my little one there and re-visit.

I would like to mention how much Mahmoud Hakim (Facebook Link) helped us before we even set off he guided us everything we needed to know, he does excursions and we booked through him and really decent prices (I know this from talking to other tourists who paid £50+ for something we paid £15). So if you are planning on going to Sharm I'd very highly recommend him, he was actually recommended by two others before we went and it was such a pleasure to meet him.


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