Thursday, 12 June 2014

Brand Introduction | Makeup Revolution | Review/Swatches

Makeup Revolution

Lipstick - Crime
Pure Pigments - Rivalry, Levity, Grandeur
Eyebrow shades
First column
Second column
Now that you've got past the products and swatches I'm guessing you will already have an impression on what you think by now so more about the brand. Makeup Revolution seems to have got all the beauty bloggers going crazy! And why not it seems to be one of the most affordable brands on the high street with products for as little as £1. In all honesty when I first seen this brand and the products being mentioned I couldn't help but think of the brand MUA which was exactly the same when it released. Packaging however slightly differs and more than anything the customer service seems to speak levels in comparison to MUA. For me MUA was a little bit of a disaster over time the brand had built a bad rep for itself with how it was abrupt and rude towards its own employees and I'm talking this was the owner himself publicly! The other thing what annoyed me was the brand was spending too much time trying to create 'dupes' which in my eyes were badly done however I will say they did create some good ones though had the stock been regularly updated rather than being sold out for months on end, I lost interest at this point and don't even know if the brand has pulled their socks up.

Anyway Makeup Revolution have similar pricing so lipsticks for as little £1 and from the one I've tested they are a bloody bargain! he packaging is on the cheaper side but for the prices your are getting the products at thats totally understandable and in all honesty I don't really mind.

I love the Vivid highlighter, the way it is presented is lovely I will definitely be getting a lot of use out of this, although it looks pale pink in the pan its a lot more wearable. The pigmentation on the Pure Pigments is pretty impressive, I like tee colour range they have available in these, they come with sifters but I preferred to remove them. The eyeshadow palette 'Disappear till Tomorrow' has some lovely shades and comes with two eyebrow shades I would however prefer wider pan sizes. Overall along as the brand don't make the same mistakes as MUA they will do very well as they have some amazing products. All products are available to buy online from Superdrug link.

 Here's a look I created using the Pure Pigments, Disappear till Tomorrow Palette and Crime Lipstick:
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  1. What a lovely look! The palette and the pigments are so gorgeous! Definitely have to try Makeup Revolution :) xx

    1. Yes specially their blusher palette and the new I <3 Makeup range x

  2. I need that palette and highlighter in my life! So Pretty!


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