Friday, 13 June 2014

Billion Dollar Brows Brow Gel | Review/Swatches

Billion Dollar Brows Brow Gel

In all honesty I'v not tried a brow gel before, so I've just had in my head exactly what I would expect of a brow gel, which is simply to hold the hairs in place but without making them feel like you have PVA Glue dried eyebrows .. yeah you get the picture its the best way I could explain it.

I did go to basket a MAC one and its been one of those things where you are to go back and add more to your order than just the one item, this never happened because I got the Billion Dollar Brows version of a brow gel. This comes in simple, chic packaging which is all matte, giving it an almost luxurious feel to it.

Performance wise I did as you would, applied my preferred method which was powder that day, then went over with this. On application it was a clear fluid on the end of a spoole, once I applied and left for a few seconds I found it dried away leaving an amazing matte finish. The best thing is I didn't feel like I had anything on my brows and they stayed putt after a 8hr long day! That for me is amazing results, firstly I loved how it dried matte, secondly my brows didn't budge!

At £17.00 I find that this will be lasting me a long time as I only need a fraction of amount at a time. You can purchase this straight from Billion Dollars Brows UK website link.
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