Thursday, 1 May 2014

New Release | Clarins Colours Of Brazil Collection Review|Swatches

Clarins Colours Of Brazil Collection

The brands are at it again and Clarins never fail to keep up they have just as a matter of days released their Colours Of Brazil collection once again an amazing collection with purdddy packaging and detail specially the bronzer I'm blown away by it!

They've also released released their take on the Lip Balm Crayons with six subtle and sheer shades, they've also thrown in 'My Pink' which adjusts to the pH of your lips to give you a unique shade, what a great idea! Coming in a crayon like packaging they have the twist mechanism which I find is a great idea that brands have taken on board.

I have the shades Creamy Pink, Sweet Cherry, Delicious Plum and Soft Coffee. Honestly speaking I wasn't too sure on Soft Cherry until I put it on my lips! These have a very slight sweet scent to them, the are very moisturising and last about 3 hours.

Clarins also released two Truly Water Proof Mascara's in blue and black, now I'm not so much a fan of waterproof mascara's as they don't give me the same finish as a normal one and not to forget the extra tugging to remove them. I quite like this one by Clarins it defined and slightly lengthened my lashes but didn't give a cloggy finish and leave my lashes looking like I'd thrown a ton of mascara over them in plea to lengthen, I also found removing it wasn't a problem either I like to use a oil based remover when taking of waterproof mascara.

Here's a picture of more from the collection:
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  1. Replies
    1. I've really been wanting to try that one, such an amazing idea x

  2. Great post gorg colours and the photos are amazing::: what do you use especially the lip close ups fab

    Laura xx

    1. Aww thank u for the lovely words, I just use my dslr and then crop just the lips x

  3. Love the colors!


    1. Amazing selection of colours they have brought out, definitely different to what the other brands have to offer x


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