Friday, 23 May 2014

Brand Introduction | Vera Mona Color Switch Duo | Review

Vera Mona Color Switch Duo

Vera Mona Color Switch was a product I came across on Instagram the more I looked out for it the more hype I saw around this. I was fascinated to see how exactly this works I thought it contains some sort of fluid which dissolves the makeup away from your brush, when I first saw it the quote that came to mind was 'what a genius idea' so I was straight on to it when I found out it is now available to us in the UK. Now if you know the agony of using a brush once and not being able to use it again because it is still packed with the colour you previously used it with, means having to buy more than one of the same type of brush and the chain goes on and on then read on.

Vera Mona has brought out two types of these you have the single Color Switch and then the duo; difference is the duo comes with a sponge in the middle which you wet and can use to wet your brushes, for a makeup artist or even someone who plays with makeup a lot this is a god send.

How it works:
Basically the dark grey 'sponge' which to me is more like a large less harsher version of a scorching pad, you swipe your brush across this section back and forth or in circles, what this does is removes all and I quote ALL the excess product away which filters through the sponge. I have tried this with wet brushes, my gel liner brushes and even with a brush packed full of a highly pigmented colour (like above) and every singly time the Color Switch has won! As I create makeup looks almost daily this is a god send seriously I even took it on holiday as I couldn't wash my gel liner brush this made life so, so much easier! Such a simple yet effective product!

Retailing at £20.95 for the Duo I have been using this for a couple of months now and as long as you regularly wash the sponge I think I will get a good 6-8 months more out of this sponge if not more before replacing with a refill meaning I don't have to buy the whole product again, refills are £5.95 so not expensive at all. The Color Switch is available from Beauty Store 4u who also offer 10% off another bonus!


  1. This is insanely cool! I've never seen anything like it wow x

    1. I hadn't either, one of the most genius inventions for makeup lovers x

  2. I have never seen anything like this, it sounds amazing, I need it in my life!

  3. This sounds like a really clever product! Your header is so pretty too! x

    Josie’s Journal

  4. I'm confused what's the difference between this and the sponge you can buy from micheal craft store? It is literally the same no?


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