Monday, 14 April 2014

Pixi Bronze Bloom Trio Review|Swatches

Pixi Bronze Bloom Trio

After seeing many raved reviews I was dying to get my hands on the Pixi Bronze Bloom Trio. I picked this up for £14.18 this was also my first Pixi product as well. I was mostly looking forward to the bronzer after watching lots of tutorials and reading many reviews.

Once I received the Pixi Bronze Bloom Trio I was shacked at the size I mean its huuuuuge with a full size mirror - bonus! One thing I was disappointed with was the bronzer the shade is even lighter than the coral blush shade in this trio and probably barely a shade darker than my sin tone.

However I do like the blusher shades they are lovely and great shades for summer too, I have found wearing the bronzer as a blusher works and gives a very soft subtle glow for me. It would brilliantly for all the paler ladies who struggle to find a subtle shade bronzer. The textures on the other hand are buttery soft, they are a heaven to work with.

Overall the value for price is great for this trio and I will definitely be getting a lot more use from is now that the sun is appearing a lot more, I may possibly take this on holiday with me too!

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  1. Replies
    1. Just wish they were slightly more pigmented x

  2. I love the look of this trio! The blushes look like a powder form of my favourite Summer blushes from Topshop - the Louise Grey Limited Edition palette called Up In The Air!

    1. Ooh I have that one too some stunning shades in that palette x


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