Monday, 7 April 2014

Lifestyle Post|Mothers Day

This post is a little late and I even put off typing it up if I'm honest but then I thought it'd be nice to add something different to the usual product reviews. I should probably do more lifestyle posts but since receiving silly hate emails where my family was brought into it kind of put me off. But then again this is my blog I have nothing to hide and I know I owe it to my readers for them to see a little personality from my blog.

Mother's day even after my little one is edging towards 2 still feels a little unreal if I'm honest mixed with the pride emotion. I won't lie and say I don't miss life before having a little one but I honestly wouldn't change having my lovely baba for the world. There isn't a day where I am not with him so next month when I go away for 10 nights is going to be really hard as I've not done anything like that before. The furtherest he's ever been is when he was in a creche and I was studying health & scial care and some other courses to help me understand the best way to teach him maths and english and even then he was just a few rooms away from me.

Anyway I had more of a weekend where I was fussed over I was taken shopping by my lovely hubby and lil one which was nice as we hadn't done that in a while. Mother Day actually consisted of me being taken out for two meals one with us as a family second one was with my parents and brothers. I was also forced into a nice hot bath with these Lush bath bombs which was relaxing. The best would be my lil one handing me this lovely necklace and thoughtfully written card by my lovely hubby on behalf of Zain. Overall it was a relaxing day and was nice spending time with my mum too.


  1. That's very sad I hope you don't still receive nasty messages,, you are lovely! I am glad you were fussed over and looked after hun xxxx


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