Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Inglot Haul & Lipstick Palette Review|Swatches

This is the second time I have now splurged out on Inglot palette, if you're a regular reader you will have seen I made my own 10 pan palette with their rainbow eyeshadows, if you haven't already seen it then click *here*.

So when there was a discount code released I jumped at the chance and placed my order. Firstly I wanted to take a little time out and appreciate the supportive staff who helped me with my order over the phone, before ringing I had found the task a little hard as on their UK website there isn't any images to see what the shades look like (after speaking to their team I can assure you they are on the case) but unlike last time I forget to have the USA website up as I did last time. Anyway I went by Google swatches and noted down the shades. The lovely lady at the time of placing my order kindly went through the shades, described all ten and further still told me which shades are similar and helped me pick alternatives! It is rare you get this experience from many brands as I can assure you this was one hell of a lengthy call being the fussy person I am but she was ever so patient and helpful so guys if placing orders I recommend you to place them over the phone for that extra reassurance!

Any way after being pleased with my eyeshadow palette I was desperate to try more from Inglot, so I decided to get the no.77 matte gel liner which is a black shade, I already own white shade but boy was I pleased with the black one. It is the blackest of black liners and a dream to work with once applied and dried this does not budge!

I also decided to build another palette (I've already boasted how much I love the design of their palettes ever so unique and effective!) this time a lip one, what was handy is that the same type of palette takes the lipstick pans so I went with a ten palette again and above are the colours I chose, I wanted something different to the usual bright pinks, reds etc. I went for coral, nudes, purples and a burgundy shade. I am pleased with my picks, the lipsticks work best with a lipliner as a base the lasting time is just the same as my MAC lipsticks and they don't dry my lips at all either! Retailing at £4.50 a pan and £10.00 for the palette they are well worth the price and no pocket burners, you can also slowly build a palette or they even do smaller palettes starting from duo's I believe. I highly recommend them!

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  1. I LOVE 85 but wow they are all gorgeous colours xx

  2. Stunning shades! Glossy and gorgeous x

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

  3. Love number 18! I might have to do this!



    1. U can do smaller palettes too, the palette is so worth it x

  4. I have 2 custom inglot lip palettes but really loving the bright colours in yours. Will have to wait until a sale/discount/offeas although I know they are good value for money as is, I can't afford them at the moment


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