Saturday, 26 April 2014

Brand Introduction | Denman Brushes Review

Denman Hair Brushes

Todays post is going to be a quick and short one. Denman is a brand I was aware of for a long time, I think previously I only owned the shower brush.

The brushes I have found are very light to hold which always a good thing as I have long hair this means dead arms while drying my hair (getting worse recently as it has grown longer).

There is a range of brushes Denman have to offer from round ceramic brushes to styling brushes, all at high street prices making them very affordable, they also do brushes which are suitable for kids too I haven't personally tried these though.

What I do like on a brush is to have a round rubber grip as this makes life easier for people like me as opposed to the style of the Denman brushes. However saying that I don't quite mind the style on my Tangle Teezers.

I do tend to use the Denman brushes but I am still a religious user of the Tangle Teezer's.

You can find Denman brushes online or even in Boots stores.
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  1. The brushes seems to be really good! Shall take a look and grab one for me! xx

    1. They're really affordable at the same time x


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