Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Real Techniques New Brushes Review

Real Techniques Retractable Bronzer & Kabuki Brush

These new brushes you will have seen all over the beauty world and why not! Real Techniques brushes have already claimed top rankings amongst high end brands due to how amazing they are. Recently Sam & Nic released new brushes all in a retractable version two of them being the Bronzer and Kabuki brushes.

The main thing I love about these is the packaging by making them retractable versions not only does this make them easy to pack away or stand at your vanity but hygienically I think its an amazing idea so your brushes don't sit there attracting daily dust. I love how when you pull the inner tube up it has the Real Techniques logo printed all over very chic!

I like using my Bronzer brush for all over powder application rather than bronzer simply because the size of it unless am applying a light dust of bronzer all over my face, the finish results are a lot more natural looking than applying with a more firmer and dense brush. This brush is also great for lightly dusting highlighter all over for a dewy/sheer look.

As for the Kabuki brush well I love using this baby for applying bronzer as it is the perfect shape to get to the hollows of my cheeks, it also gives a more softer contour look rather than a sharp contour look which means I don't have to blend the bronzer into my cheeks.

The Bronzer brush retails at £12.95 and the Kabuki brush retails at £11.95 and both are available to buy *HERE* I do wish they came in a set as they would make a perfect set like the other few sets Real techniques have released, generally a great idea I don't have to worry about how I store these and they just stand stable on my dressing table.
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  1. I love my new retractable kabuki brush - right now I'm only using it for mineral foundation because I love it so much for that!

    Katy xx

    1. I love how we can find a certain use for the RT brushes I sometimes don't use mine for exactly what they are meant to be used for because I find I like using them in my own ways x

  2. I love RT brushes and am really looking forward to trying these! :) x

  3. They look so pretty as well I think, wish they came in a set too xxx

  4. I hand't heard of these brushes, might give them a try, in love with their brushes, the most perfect ones i've tried! :) x
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

    1. I must admit they are different to the usual range x


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