Thursday, 20 March 2014

Mavala Metropolitan Collection Review|Swatches

Mavala Metropolitan Collection 

Mavala is a brand which I am new to myself, these were intact my first Mavala Nail Polishes. On first impressions I thought the packaging was quite simple but I quite liked these metallic/fliptone shades so I was quite excited to see how well they got on.

If like me you haven't heard of or don't know much about this brand then here's some vital info, Mavala nail polishes are free from paragons, formaldehydes, toluene, camphor, cellophane, animal ingredients and heavy metal.

If I'm honest I've been a nail varnish junky for years going back to high school age, I loved the idea of being able to paint my nails and how quickly my hands could look so different with a quick swipe of polish. But even then I didn't know how common it was to find nasties in nail polishes heck I knew it existed but I didn't know it was so common!

These nail polishes come with a well packed nail brush making that 1-2 swipe coat really easy, the consistency of the polish is perfect its not too thin or too thick either, drying time I would say was impressive too! Most of all the pigmentation is great on these meaning you only need two coats. Wear time before my nails needed redoing I would say was 7-10 days and thats with my hands being in water regularly you know doing the chores, washing dishes business. Overall I don't think there is anything negative I have to say about these what I really like is they retail as little as £4.75 which to be fair is pretty average and not a heavy price tag.

Mavala polishes can be bought from John Lewis or independent retailers.
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  1. I really love that a load of Duo polishes have been coming out lately, Pink Gold is so pretty!

    Holly /

    1. That and pastels seem to be the upcoming trend don't u think x


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