Saturday, 8 March 2014

Honeybell Candle & Diffuser Review

Honey bell Candle & Diffuser*

Previously I reviewed Honeybell's natural handmade soaps, to read my review click *HERE*. I was intrigued to try their candles and diffusers.

Firstly the diffuser I am not so keen on the scent but this diffuser i have now had it opened with the scent sticks for about a week and it still hasn't gone down much, so I can see this lasting a while. at £15.95 each there is 12 in total to choose from. The scent spread very well in my room, I always find diffusers a lot more calming and relaxing than candles as there is no fuss about putting out the flame and safety issues etc. I do like the diffuser and would love to try a different scent in it.

The candle scent which is White Jasmine I absolutely LOVE, these retail at £7.25 and again there is 12 to choose from. However the scent isn't as lasting and strong as the diffuser which is a down fall. I usually light the candle when I'm sat doing my makeup so its close by in range and it is just enough for me to be able to smell it in the air.

Overall the diffuser I would say is great however the candle lacks strength in scent, this may possibly be because it is a natural candle.

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  1. Lovely review. The packaging on those products looks really nice and simple. Might have to treat myself to one of the diffusers. (:

    Popping Pout

    1. Thank u and yes the packaging is really pretty x


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