Saturday, 15 March 2014

Clarins Bronzing Duo Review|Swatches

Bronzing Duo £28.00

'Bronzing Duo subtly warms the complexion all year round with a very natural, sun-kissed look. Its formula combines the benefits of plants with the purity of minerals to ensure perfect affinity with the skin. The colour harmonies comprise two shade intensities which can be blended and shaded as desired to modulate your tanned look.'

Winner of Best Bronzer
Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2013

Winner of Best Powder Bronzer
Woman & Home Best in Beauty 2013 

Todays review is on this bronzer by Clarins I naturally picked the darkest shade (dark) as I am olive skin toned. The reason this bronzer is different to many others is because it is not only a mineral version but also because it contains SPF15, probably the first bronzer I've known to contain SPF.

It is roughly one shade darker than my skin tone with a lovely warmth to it. I like using this around my forehead as it gives a more subtle warmth of colour whereas for cheek contouring I prefer a shade that is two tones darker. I also love using this to contour my jawline. What I absolutely love about this bronzer is how easily it blends without leaving harsh lines.

The lighter shade in this duo however almost matches my skin tone so I tend to use it as a setting powder and it works great, it feels lightweight and keeps my foundation set well all day. The only thing is I would have liked the lighter shade to be one tone darker than my skin tone and the darker shade to be two tones darker as that would have been perfect. However I am enjoying using this daily and this duo has been getting a lot of love.

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  1. This product looks so great for contouring. It is really hard to find a bronzer that blends well because I always find mine gives me horrible lines like you say but that could just be because I am quite pale haha xx

    Mapped Out | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. I'm olive skinned n I have that problem, I think it's vital to have a bronzer that blends well x

  2. I've really struggled to find a bronzer that blends well on my skin because, like Georgia, I have quite pale skin. This sounds lovely though, and the pigmentation looks great. <3

    Popping Pout

    1. Us ladies really can't win can we but yes a soft textured bronzer is a must for it to blend well x

  3. Oh wow this looks gorgeous, I am always on the hunt for my perfect bronzer and love this xxx

    1. I'm going through a crazy bronzer phase lol x

  4. This looks lovely and subtle!



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