Friday, 14 March 2014

Chelsea Grey Lush Eyes Contacts Review

You will have heard me mention Chelsea Beautique on my blog before when I reviewed their Brows Kit which you can see my review on *HERE*. Today I am reviewing the Chelsea Beautique Lush Grey Eyes Contacts as I do a lot of makeup looks over on my Instagram (@aqeela_k) I am loving contact lenses as they look amazing and really make the makeup looks pop.

Chelsea Beautique do two different styles of contact lenses; Catwalk style and Lush Eyes style, I chose a grey pair in the Lush Eyes style which retail at £20.00 which I guess is the average amount for a decent pair of contact lenses. What I would have loved is they also gave a contact lenses compact to store them in as it can be pretty inconvenient as it was for me.

However I am totally in love with this style as it looks like the pattern goes from intense around the inner circle fading out to clear round the outer circle which kind of gives a blended effect from the colour of the contacts to your own natural eye colour. I have dark brown eyes and had no problem at all with the design and colour showing up on my eyes and it wasn't over dramatic either. The wear on these lenses is the best thing about them they are mega mega comfortable and I can see clear as hell out of them, in size they are a little bigger in diameter compared to other lenses but this isn't a issue and they worked perfect for me.

I am in love with these contacts and from the above pictures you can see how lovely they look, I would happily pay this amount and infact looking at ordering some more in different colours because they really are that comfortable, I am also really interested in seeing what design the Catwalk range lenses are.

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  1. Your eyes are so gorgeous and your makeup is to die for!!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    1. Why thank u! I share regular makeup looks on my instagram x

  2. These are gorgeous!!! I need to check them out, xoxo.


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