Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Something A Little More Personal ..

I've really been thinking this over and over I have even deleted this post a couple of times after starting it, but I thought why not firstly I have nothing to hide secondly I aren't doing anything wrong.

Recently I've been a subject to hate and no its not a suprise I was to face it one day. It's one of those things you expect but when it hits you its a lot harder to deal with.I am not too bothered about people hating on my 'vanity' as its natural jealousy, hate, abuse the lot. But when a person gets personal it is just below the belt. Just to share with all my true followers and supporters and for the haters too, I recieved two emails two days in a row:

If you follow me instagram you will have seen me post this already. When I received the first email I laughed and found it hillarious until I read it again it really pissed me off how dare this low minded person drag my family into ANYTHING. She doesn't know the first or last thing about my life! Not only did she send the first email but copied and pasted the exact same text on my blog making her views public.

Then recently I have been informed by a friend about a Instagram post on which someone felt the need to mention something along the lines of 'I don't care about blogging I just want to fill my vanity up and get freebies from companies' now this message was deleted straight away.

Yes in some ways these hate messages have hit me and hurt me, I first started blogging when I was 8 months preg as I was buying tons of makeup to comfort my depression. Me and my husband have faced a lot in life when we did get married it wasn't in the best of circumstances but we made each other happy which is what mattered. Straight after I fell pregnant I was sick 6-8 times a day for 7 months, my family were 2 hrs away, I had left my full time job behind, family and friends. This took a huge toll along with pregnancy I was a very ill person with lots going wrong with my pregnancy most days infact two weeks in a row at a time I would lay in bed curtains closed, not see any human other than my husband. That is where blogging came in my life, blogging helped me in so many ways I got to know many other lovely bloggers and after giving birth it even helped me get off my back end in a remote place and make contacts and start my makeup work all over again (I did MUA work on the side before marriage). Needless for me to say any further what blogging means to me!

Now one of the comments a person had said was 'blogging is great start doing it to save money' I'm sorry but do you know how much effort goes into blogging and no it's not for 'freebies' do you think PR's and companies pounce to send you stuff simply because you're a blogger?! It takes hard work, determination, time and effort. I stay up til 4am typing posts, creating makeup looks, doing youtubes etc you think all that is just simple then why hate on others why not get off your back ends and do it! More so some of the people were actually bloggers why do they feel the need to hate on other bloggers it reflects insecurtiy, jealousy and unsuccessful.
As to the emails above again same goes, this person btw hounds my blog as well as Instagram and no doubt other platforms, she has also been reported to the police and is being tracked which is probs why she hasn't sent anymore. But as it stands no one has any right to tell another how to live their life specially a stranger I wouldn't dream of doing that to anyone else.

As for my vanity yes I'm due to get hate where there's success theres hate its that simple! But for you misjudging people not even a fraction of my stuff is 'freebies' almost everything I own is bought with mine or hubbys money for your facts! I'm a MUA if you don't expect it to be full of makeup what the hell in this world do you expect it to be full off and are you seriously telling me that if it was your vanity you wouldn't be proud?!?!? My hubby bought and built that I am more than proud and I won't for a second stop to hide it.

Finally these people that are hating clearly follow me in some form be it my blog, twitter or Instagram and no doubt will read this post too and you'll be thinking if I have a issue so bad stop doing what I do .. well no I have and do work hard and this is what keeps me sane this is what I will carry on doing! If you are one of these silent haters or even the person above no one forces you to my blog so unfollow me and don't look back its that simple, because your little bitchy comments can have a head on effect on someones life be conscious of that, if you have nothing nice to say don't say it at all, I have never been one to hate or had any conflict with any bloggers if I have a problem I unfriend/unfollow that person its that simple! If my vanity is such a problem go buy your own so you don't have to bitch about others. Oh and if you really can't resist bitching and really feel the urge to do it say it direct to the person in future rather than be cowards I will have a lot more respect for you.

My posts have been the same from the day I started and they are still about the same subject til this day. I am not a very open person due to life experiences and find it hard to do personal posts (which there will be the very least of from now on). Not in the slightest have I changed and nor will I ever change, everything to do with my blog I have done by myself and worked hard at it too if thats a problem to you then go do something about it. Thank you if you have stayed with me til this point and actually understand, I have had a little cry, moan and bitch and have got this off my chest, I will be doing very little personal posts from now on. You won't see anymore posts of this sort as it was hard enough for me to get this one out and from this point on haters can hate :)

Note to other sincere bloggers: Don't trust anyone, do what you enjoy and don't ever let anyone influence you.


  1. oh my people can be so horrid! As a follower of your blog for pretty much a year now I have to say I enjoy reading your post and seeing your creative post too! Don't worry about the haters! let them hate it is no skin off your nose. No one else knows you or your family and are there fore in no position to judge.

    I hope you are ok.

    Lots of love xxx

  2. It's shocking that you've received this kind of personal abuse. You can't let it bother you: you have so many people that love reading your blog, myself included, that it is just envy on the other person's part that you have a hobby that brings you both happiness and success. Blogging is a solace, it's brought solace to me too and it's a brilliant therapy. Don't worry about it - you're worth more than she ever will be. xx

  3. Omg Im just shocked on how rude and ill mannered people are, I love your blog and your makeup looks inspire me, haters are going to hate, so never stop what your doing if thats what makes you happy xx

  4. I've seen many rude comments on other people's blogs but nothing as rude as that. I feel sorry for that 'person'. You can tell that she is very unhappy about her life and tries to stress everything on you, and now she probably enjoys reading this because she finally got some attention that she doesn't get from her hubby :P and it's on awesome blog like yours! I take hater comments as a sign that you are oding something right and I actually can wait to get my first hater comment haha very weird, I know :D But seriously, you should not give a s*** about people like that! ;) x

  5. This is unbelievable! You in NO WAY need to justify yourself. What you choose to spend YOUR money on is your own business, and enjoying makeup doesn't make you vain or mean you're not spending the time and attention you should on your husband and baby, because you can do both! What a horrible thing to say. Please don't that's in any way the opinion of the majority, just that small minded individual there, which is sad for her. Hugs x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  6. i'm glad you are a strong and intelligent woman who can see exactly what these horrible comments are and not take them personally x

  7. This is actually disgusting, I have seen hate in all different forms now but never like this. For those women to actual have a sad enough life to write a letter is unreal, beyond my comprehension. I've always been taught the same, if you can't say anything nice then don't say it at all! You're beyond talented and everyone can see that, I really hope you can move past this negativity because your blog is full of positives and people that adore you and your work.

  8. Dear, Aqeela, thank you for sharing this with us, but I will say this: you don't need to expain yourself to anyone. All people have haters, you'll never be able to be adored by everyone. I mean, google Oprah and see how many people say nasty things about her on forums etc.. People judge others because it's easier to judge others than to focus only on yourself. Whoever says bad things about you, they only see themselves in you, everything mirrors.
    Don't worry, continue doing your own thing, be happy and proud about it. Because I'm proud of you too, you've come so far Xxx

  9. That first one was f'ing rediculous. "I love your blog and makep but actually you shouldn't wear so much makep or blog so much...". She makes bugger all sense, plus you're gorgeous so idk what pictures she has been looking at to see something different to the rest of us.

    Just rise above it (easier said than done I know), you're by far the better person.

  10. OMG SHE IS SO ANNOYING. Hate these ultra-conservative people who try to meddle, thinking they know better. She thinks she is doing a public service by telling you to stay in your place, which for her, is far away from make up. But in fact, all I see is a jealous person trying to stop another girl from enjoying her hobby.

  11. Wow! I'm not surprised as haters are always jealous of something you have that they don't. Its your blog at the end of the day, you should do whatever you feel like it. I also dislike the fact shes also mentioning that you being Muslim and Pakistani means you shouldn't do certain things, idiot! She's just jealous she can't afford the same things as you have and the fact your pretty, ignore, ignore, ignore her. Blogging takes a lot of effort too, xxx.

  12. I am astounded at how incredibly rude people can be. It's not her place to comment on your life and / or how you choose to live it - how dare she e-mail you such filth like that! You don't need to justify yourself either. What you spend your money on is your business. I would have probably been in tears reading those e-mails so good on your for holding your head up high. Hugs x

  13. You have done so well. Some people are horrid. You just do what makes you happy! My saying goes "if you don't like it, don't look"

    Keep on being strong!

    Jen x

  14. Hi Aqeela,

    After reading your post on blogspot
    I'm genuinely sorry I didn't know that you have gone through so much, I didn't realise my words would have such a adverse affect on you.

    I do not wish for you to go into severe depression .I take back whatever I said, you got a cute baby its not healthy for a mother to be in severe depression as it can get really bad to the point when you become disinterested in everything and you want to shut everyone out, and that was not my intentions at all.

    I thought it'd piss you off thats all. I have nothing against you or your make up. its your vanity your business. But i'm genuinely sorry I'm a weird person apologising I don't know I didn't wanna break someone this bad.

    Experiences in our lives makes us a better stronger person if we didn't go through half the things we wouldn't even be sitting here. You suffered so much during pregnancy but look what you got a beautiful baby and a little family. You live far away from peeps its time you gained your own independence and be a strong mother,wife woman you can't possible rely on others forever you have to be strong! And I know you will Good Luck for the future always smile and be happy

    again I'm really really sorry x

  15. What a low life. You don't owe ANYONE any explanations. No one! You just do what makes you happy, hun.

  16. Dont let you down aqeela you are such a beautiful lady <3 :) These people are geolous bacause you have a such a beautiful family with an awesome vanity love it <3

  17. Love and Hugs Aqeela <3 I saw that post when it was on Instagram. It's such a shame that people think they have a right to put others down like that. It's pure attention seeking, it says more about her than it does about you. You have every right to be upset, annoyed and angry.

    I know it's easier said than done but coming from someone who has been put down and bullied most her life, ignore the haters. A year ago I was with Avon and one of my team members took a dislike to me because I wasn't giving her, what she thought, enough attention. Then followed a lot of abuse and she I ended up losing all interest in my work. I vowed never to let someone who is just attention seeking get between me and my work ever again.

    Your success will trump the haters every time. Keep going babes and do what you love. That's what I'm trying to do :) xoxo

    Wendy Xo

  18. I appreciate that you're open about your reasons for blogging, but remember that you don't have to justify yourself to ANYONE. No-one has the right to speak to you or write to you to tell you how to live your life, a life that they know nothing about. Readers see maybe 1% of your life, so cannot comment on the other 99% of it.


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