Friday, 21 February 2014

Sigma Born To Be Eye Liner Collection Review|Swatches

Sigma Born To Be Eye Liner Collection

1 Eye Shadow Palette: Smoke Screen
3 Lip Glosses: Eleven, Get Ready, Sheila
1 Lip Concealer: Lose The Halo
3 Eye Liners: Atomic Number 6, Indigobird, My Cloud
1 Blush: Born To

Sigma have launched an exciting new collection called 'Born To Be' if I'm honest I'm not sure exactly when this collection was launched, however above is a picture of the full collection.

Today I am reviewing the three eyeliners from this collection, I'm actually quite liking the variety of  shades. When I first saw these are in a pencil version and how they resembled pencil crayons I wasn't expecting to be mega blown away.

When I came to swatch them however I pressed a little harder than I should I have as to my suprise the texture of these eye liners is mega creamy which is a massive bonus as the eye area is a sensitive area and I usually find with normal eye liner pencils you have apply quite some pressure, I would infact say that the texture of these is not so far off a cream eye liner. The other thing I like is you don't have to pull the lid off or have these stored in a certain way to be able to see what shades they are as the packaging is colour-coded. Finally I am just as impressed with the pigmentation in just a single swatch (above pictures are single swatches).

I am quite intrigued by the Lip Concealer from this collection, as I can't wear normal concealer on my lips its too drying for me to do that method. I reckon it would be a great lip corrector and do a good job at covering up any little mistakes. You can purchase the items as singles or even the full collection, click *HERE* to see the full collection.  Keep an eye out as I will be reviewing the palette from this collection soon.

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