Monday, 10 February 2014

Seventeen Makeup Review

Seventeen Makeup Review*

Seventeen is a brand which gets overlooked most of the time if I'm honest I'm one of them people and didn't own anything from this brand until now. I think this is a real shame as there is some lovely bits and lets not forget the super affordable price tags too!

The lippy I tried has a stay time of around 4 hours it is pretty sheer so this could explain why, the shade is pretty and metallic. The texture was very creamy and went on really well. I would like to try some of the darker shades to see how well they work.

The Stay Time Foundation which costs just under £6.50 is said to last upto 25 hours now although I would've loved to put it to the test unfortunatley the shade was too light for me :( what I can comment on is it claims to give you 'full coverage' well this foundation texture was mega thick and creamy with great coverage power. it is very rare that you will find a coverage which gives you straight full coverage so that's something I really like.

The Back Lash mascara firstly I love the catchy name! unfortunatley this didn't do as well as some high street mascara's do. it took quite a bit of working with and only lengthened my lashes to some extent.

CC Cream now this was the product I was most excited for! I have never tried a CC cream and only tried a couple of BB creams, I have always been a medium - full coverage kind of girl, but recently I've been wearing no makeup for 2 months due to dermatitis and then when I have I've got used to natural makeup. I quite liked the CC cream it is made to even out skin tones which it did for me to some extent. It is I would say slightly thicker than other BB creams I've tried.

Finally the holographic nail varnish firstly this is a good dupe for Gosh's version the only difference is the glitter particles in this nail varnish are slightly bigger. It was very easy to work with, the formula wasn't thick and gloopy as I've experienced that with some of Revlons glitter nail varnishes. I used upto four coats to test it and it worked very well til the last coat.

Overall some great products at really cheap prices which is really good, I've started having more of a glance at their stands these days and not to forget they have some good dupes too for a fraction of the price. I quite like the packaging too its quirky and eye catching.

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  1. Nice products. I love that lipstick and nail polish.

  2. Is the CC cream worth trying?

    1. I'm not a bb or cc type of girl this is the first one I've tried and I'm impressed x


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