Wednesday, 12 February 2014

New Skincare Additions For My Hubby Review

Bioderma Purifying & Foaming Cleansing Gel £9.00
Weleda After Shave Balm £13.95

Did you know in recent surveys men aged around 30 spend over £100.00 on skincare a month! Moisturisers are the most purchased skincare items by men and not far off are shaving creams/balms and so on! I think this is a section what most us ladies lack in getting the right skincare for our men.

Well as I have recently been getting into skincare myself I have also started picking stuff up for my hubby too! He is your simple guy and doesn't fuss too much but moisturisers, shaving and hair products are his most used. He always tends to end up with yellow heads after shaving although he does the splash your face with cold water technique. So recently I got him a few bits to change up his routine.

Firstly I got him the Purifying Foaming Cleansing Gel by the infamous Bioderma. This product can be used in two ways, one as a shaving foam secondly as a daily face wash. The fact it can also be used as a foaming wash is great as he is a mechanic and often comes home filthy, he also uses this as a shaving foam now it lathers up but doesn't foam so much but this didn't seem to be a problem at all he was able to shave as smoothly as he could when he used an actual foam. Generally his skin looks and feels great and the yellow heads have stopped too so a great product!

Next up I got him a shaving balm from Weleda again this a brand I love for skincare myself. This balm contains 'cooling aloe gel and jojoba oil' and works like a moisturiser as well as a balm with a slight fragrance. The balm has a texture like most other shaving balms, works well into the skin and keeps his face mega soft infact all day! This balm is a simple yet effective balm and will last him a while. Overall he is quite pleased with this.

Finally I got him a sample of Glamglow and as much as I love Glamglow he loved it even more, I guess this is a key step what most men probably miss but this is the one thing that will close their pores as they probably need a little more than cold water to close their pores after all their hair is much thicker (how I am grateful I am not a man lol!) his skin looked and felt great after using this mask, it had a lovely glow to it and most of all closed his pores.

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