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Sunday, 23 February 2014

MAC Bundle Giveaway

Just today I hit 1400 Bloglovin followers and about a week ago I hit 200,000 blog views which means double celebration :)!

Firstly I want to say the BIGGEST thank you to all the support I received when I had this hate issue last week, it really meant the world to me I honestly didn't know I had so much love behind my blog, lots of love to you all.

I put together this giveaway as a way of saying thank you to all my lovely followers without you my blog wouldn't be here today and as my blog means a lot to me as it was a way of therapy for when life was at its lowest to me I really can't thank my fellow bloggers, supporters and followers enough. I have mentioned this time and time again if you follow please don't just  for the sake of entering I'd like all my followers to thoroughly enjoy my blog than to have people follow me just to enter and then give me abuse after! All fake entries will be disqualified and I do personally go through them all. Another important note I do not pick a winner through Rafflecopter, once I have gone through the entries I choose a winner through The giveaway is open worldwide and there will be one winner.

Finally once again a big thank you for all the support and love and a huge good luck.


  1. I love reading hauls and empties posts :)

    I would love Girl about town for the lipstick, patina for the eyeshadow and pinch o peach for the blush :)

  2. Thanks for the giveaway!
    I love your product reviews!
    I'd like to win:
    - MAC Craving Lipstick
    - MAC Sheertone Blush Breath Of Plum
    - MAC Eye Shadow Satin Haux

  3. Congratulations on the Bloglovin milestone! :)

    I love hauls and makeup looks!

    I'd love to win Style blush, woodwinked eyeshadow and pink plaid lipstick :)


  4. I enjoy reading beauty reviews on other blogs! It's hard to decide, but I think I would get:

    MAC Hue Lipstick
    MAC Melba Blush
    MAC Cranberry Eye Shadow

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway! x

  5. i love your hauls! would need a long time to chose shades lol

  6. I love reviews and hauls~ :D

    I'd love :
    MAC Viva Glam Rihanna Lipsticks
    MAC Fleur Power Powder Blush
    MAC Vanilla Eyeshadow

  7. Amazing giveaway! I love your reviews most, I find them so helpful!
    I think I'd have to take my time to pick my shades haha but I've always wanted a really amazing red from Mac, like Ruby Woo perhaps... xxx

  8. I love hauls and makeup tutorials :)

    I´d love to win:
    Mac Saint germain lipstick
    Mac Desert Rose blush
    Mac Espresso eye shadow


  9. Thanks for this chance
    I enjoy tutorials and beauty articles
    desert rose

  10. Tutorials and Reviews/Swatches are my favorites...
    Lipstick: Girl About Town
    Blusher: Harmony
    Eyeshadow: Haux

  11. I love reading makeup reviews!
    Lipstick : Up the amp
    Eyeshadow: Soft brown
    Blush: Lovejoy

  12. Congratulations lovely! What an amazing milestone. I love your blog, particularly the makeup reviews :)

    Lipstick: Pink Pearl Pop
    Eyeshadow: Swimming
    Blush: Well Dressed

    You can contact me on twitter @maligreen or by email :)

  13. Congratulations on your milestones!
    I enjoy reading product reviews!

    Lipstick: Lady Danger
    Eyeshadow: Mythology
    Blush: Fleur Power

  14. Aqeela congratulations and well donee, your blog is fabulous :D
    Thank you for the giveaway...

    I'd love to win Rebel lipstick, Harmony blush, and Sable eyeshadow :D

    Holly Mixtures

  15. I really like to read any makeup tips and any beauty products..
    Lipstick: sheer plum
    Blush: eternal sun
    Eyeshadow: wedge

  16. I love reading beauty reviews ^^
    Lipstick : vegas volt
    Blush: melba
    Eyeshadow: free to be

    thank you for this amazing giveaway!:D

  17. What an amazing giveaway, thank you!
    MAC Lipstick: Craving
    MAC Blush: Pleasure Model
    MAC Eyeshadow: Sable

  18. great giveaway! ^^

  19. Makeups, tutorials and tips.
    MAC Lipstick: Ruby woo
    MAC Blush: BlushBaby
    MAC Eyeshadow: Folie

  20. i love makeup tutorials and of course giveaways
    lipstick- snob
    eyeshadow- creme brulee

  21. Congratulations on 1400 Bloglovin followers <3 :)
    I love to watch your makeup look alot <3
    I love to win lipstick-MAC Vegas Volt
    MAC Well Dressed Blush
    eyeshadow-Atlantic Blue

  22. I like reviews and haul post!!!!!!!!
    I love to win lipstick milan mode
    blush dollymix and humid eyeshadow!!!!!!!!

  23. Well Done on 1400 followers !! Thats mad :o

  24. Firstly, congratulations on the milestone and thanks for sending through your link to me on twitter, I hope you liked reading my blog too! I love when people thoroughly review and show how it looks on themselves so that's why I had to follow :)

    The MAC 3 I'd love would be...

    - Blush: Well Dressed
    - Lipstick: Sunny Seoul
    - Eyeshadow: Soba


  25. I don't have account on instagram so I could't unlock the rest entries :(

  26. I like tutorials and reviews!
    Lipstick- Fanfare
    Eyeshadow- Parrot
    Blush- Dollymix

  27. I enjoy reading product reviews!

    Lipstick: Lady Danger
    Eyeshadow: Mythology
    Blush: Fleur Power

  28. congrats! ^^
    I love hauls and I'd like lipstick and blush dollymix

  29. congrats to you great prizes I love the blush dollymix xxx

  30. Congratulations on the 1400 followers.. and counting! i‘m a new follower but i‘m already enjoying your review & haul posts :) as for the MAC makeup shades, i would be glad to let you choose for me because i honestly think you have great taste :D again, congratulations and thank you for the giveaway <3

  31. MAC Lipstick Dangerous
    MAC Blush Fleur Power
    Eyeshadow Typographic

  32. Complimenti il tuo blog è ben donatario...è favoloso: D
    Grazie per il giveaway ...
    Mi piacerebbe vincere il rossetto, il blush e l'ombretto perché sono stupendi !!

  33. Mac Lipstick: Crosswires
    Mac Blush: Melba or Plum Foolery
    Eyeshadow: Club

  34. I love reading reviews about drugstore products, because they're so much more affordable but we never know what is really worth.

    About the giveaway, I would love to win:
    Lipstick - ruby woo
    Blush - Peaches
    Eye Shadow - Free to be!

    Thank you :)

  35. Mac Lipstick: Sunny Seoul
    Mac Blush: Mythologi
    Eyeshadow: Club

  36. i like the reviews most of all
    lipstick Freckletone or Sandy B or Creme de Nude C
    Blush Ladyblush or Stylefrost
    Eyeshadow Coral or Cork

  37. i love see your eyes makeup picture <3 so inspiring, thanks for the giveaway <3

  38. Mac Lipstick: Crosswires
    Mac Blush: Melba or Plum Foolery
    Eyeshadow: Club

  39. I love the empties

    MAC Hue Lipstick
    - MAC Sheertone Blush Breath Of Plum
    - MAC Eye Shadow Satin Haux

  40. i like product reviews and your makeups
    mac lipstick : girl about town
    mac eye shadow: swish
    mac blush : well dressed

  41. i love makeup tutorial and product reviews
    MAC Lipstick : Heronie (Bright Purple)
    MAC Eye Shadow : All That Glitter
    MAC Blush : Format (Pinkish-Brown)

  42. First of all i'd like to said congratulations for your hit and thanks for creating this giveaway for us! =D
    I love about products review and make up tutorial on a blog.

    MAC lipstick: Creme d' Nude
    MAC Blush : Peaches
    MAC Eyeshadow : Gorgeous Gold

    Email :

  43. Congratulations for all the iews you have and all the folowers you have,I m so happy to be one of them!
    I love the makeup tutorial you share but also yor lovely reviews!
    MAC Viva Glam Rihanna Lipsticks
    MAC Sheertone Blush Breath Of Plum
    MAC Eyeshadow Typographic
    Fingers crossed!

  44. Hi,
    Super giveaway, thanks!
    I love to read on your blog the post about make-up.
    MAC lipstick: Creme d' Nude
    MAC Blush - Peaches
    MAC Eye Shadow Satin Haux

  45. Amazing giveaway :D I love to read reviews and to see FOTD!

    - Lipstick: Amorous
    - Blush: Frankly Scarlet
    - E/s: Satin Taupe

  46. liked and shared fb baldo sanfilippo gfb baldassare sanfilippo email baldo.sanfilippoò

  47. Congrats and thank you so much for having the giveaway!

    My favorite posts are tutorials (different looks, techniques, etc) followed by reviews/swatches.

    MAC Lipstick: Captive
    MAC Blush: Cubic
    MAC Eyeshadow: Retrospeck

  48. Reviews are my fav :)
    Lipstick:Pink Plaid

  49. haul posts!

    lipstick milan mode
    blush dollymix and humid eyeshadow

  50. I love reviews and tutorials. I have never tried MAC so I would love any of them!! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  51. i love reading swatches, random hauls, ootd and make up tutorials

    Lipstick: all fired up
    Blush: azalea in the afternoon
    Eyeshadow: punk couture eyeshadow x4

  52. I really love reading reviews and hauls. Wishlists are also great, as I love finding new products to lust over!
    Lipstick: creme cup OR saigon summer
    Blush: Peaches or Dainty
    Eyeshadow: Woodwinked

  53. congrats on the double milestone hun !!!
    i like your reviews and hauls and anything make up posts you have lovely !

  54. I love tutorial posts.

    I don't know the specific shades I would choose, perhaps quite a neutral lipstick, a pinky blush and then maybe club eyeshadow :) xx

  55. i like your reviews and hauls and anything make up posts you have lovely ! Congrats for your Blog ....
    Fb Anna Bueti
    Liked and shared

  56. What a brilliant giveaway I dont know anyone who makes bright makeup look as wearable as you . I love looking at the different looks you create,

    Lipstick - Hue
    Blush - Desert rose
    Eyeshadow - Cranberry

    Good luck to everyone that entered

    Carrieanne x

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. I'd like to win:
    MAC Craving Lipstick
    MAC Sheertone Blush Breath Of Plum
    MAC Eye Shadow Satin Haux

  59. I enjoy makeup tutorials most
    I'd love to win
    High tea lipstick
    Woodwinked eyeshadow
    and Peaches blush
    ps Elena Rudaya in the Rafflecopter

  60. Ragglecopter name:MaeRi
    Products reviews and makeup tutorials.
    Lipstick:Please Me
    Blush:Frankly Scarlet

  61. I love cosmetic reviews and eye makeup tutorials.
    Lipstick: New York Apple
    Eyeshadow: Jest
    Blush: Springsheen
    Rafflecopter Name: Alexia Harvours

  62. Oh wow! Thank you so much for the giveaway and congrats on 1400 bloglovin followers! :)
    I like reading reviews, DIY and recipe posts the most.

    Eyeshadow: Expensive Pink
    Blush: Melba
    Lipstick: Creme d'Nude

    -Janella Steele

  63. This is such a lovely giveaway (:
    I love reading storage posts (:

    Eyeshadow - Honey Lust
    Blush - Style
    Lipstick - Up The Amp


  64. I love the tutorials and the swatches and also your OOTD

    Eyeshadow - Chrome Yellow
    Blush - Fever
    Lipstick - Ruby Woo

  65. I love see makeup looks and tutorials :D

    Eyeshadow - Carbon
    Blush - Well Dressed
    Lipstick - Russian Red

  66. Do more cosmetic review
    Lipstick-Dreaming Dahlia

  67. just got a look at your make up page, you're so talented!
    make up tutorials are always appreciated :)
    i'd like to win:
    lipstick - mac everhip
    eyeshadow - cranberry
    blush - mocha

  68. I'd like to know which products you don't like.
    I's like to win:
    lipstic: russian red
    eyeshadow: cranberry
    blush: desert rose

  69. I love tutorials
    I would love to win some shade of pink

  70. I would love, media and cranberry.


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