Sunday, 2 February 2014

Following Through With A New Years Aim On Instagram - Makeup Looks I've Been Creating

So one of my New Year aims was to start doing more makeup looks to help me improve and also to get known for my work, it's not for likes or being popular but I've never really socially expressed my work and since moving and feeling a million times better I am working on a lot of my New Year aims as I was mega pleased when I looked back on last year and everything I have achieved, you can read more about that *HERE*.

Since I stopped doing my weekly makeup makeup tag I really felt the withdrawal symptoms I used to really enjoy it and obviously I miss all the girlies coming together socialising and sharing our passion for makeup. Since concentrating more on my makeup looks I have had to improve myself so much and still am doing as there is so many amazing makeup artists on there. I can see my own progress before my own eyes (the above pic is my most recent) and more than anything I love it! I was also featured on Illamasqua's Facebook ANDDDD I also got a cheeky follow from them on Instagram too!!!

I have also started doing more YouTube videos you can head over to my channel by clicking *HERE*,
don't forget to hit the sub button if you like what you see :P. The main reason for me doing this post was because I am lots more active with doing more makeup loos since the New Year started. I wanted to keep my blog and review work separate to my makeup work and if you agree one really important thing I have picked up is each subject has a audience and you need to target the right audiences on the right social media platforms, therefore I share all my makeup work I also include all the products I use to create the looks on my Instagram and Facebook, if you want to follow me on Instagram click *HERE* and Don't forget I will be doing a Valentine's day inspired look so get following! I also share all my blog reviews and mini detailed reviews on there too. If you would enjoy seeing these posts more often on my blog too then let me know also make sure to leave me your Instagram links as I'd love to follow more of my fellow blogger friends on there.

Now I'd like to share the looks I've created on there with you:

Let me know what you think, if there's any looks you would like me to create, if you would like to see makeup tutorials or something similar i.e. looks I've created with what products I've used. Don't forget you can follow me on Instagram @aqeela_k and leave me your Instagram handles too!


  1. Those make up creations are amazing!! I love the second; such a simple but glamourous look!! X

  2. wow so many amazing looks x

  3. These are all amazing looks! Very inspirational!

  4. I like the combination of colours but find your makeup looks are not as blended properly as other makeup artists I have viewed. It's good your trying. Good luck xxx

  5. Just found you! LOVEEEEE these looks! Your skills & talent are evolving every day!


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