Saturday, 1 February 2014

Femfresh Review


So todays review my be a bit of a shocker something that I've not read on my fellow bloggers reviews/blogs. It was only a few years ago I found out the importance of having to be careful of what to use on my lady bits, that's when I was introduced to Femfresh. This part of our routines is just as important as looking after our face and body skin. It is really important to keep any fragranced or regular body washes well away from this area which we all know is a sensitive part of our bodies.

So Femfresh can be looked at in many different lights for me its as important as any other skin care/body care. Why Femfresh well here's some facts:
  • Unique pH-balanced formula developed by experts to care and look after intimate skin
  • femfresh is the only Dermatologically and Gynaecologically tested intimate wash in the UK
  • Recommended by Gynaecologists
  • 99% of women who use femfresh would recommend it to a friend
  • Trusted by millions of women worldwide
  • Brought to you by intimate skin experts for over 70 years
Yes its a sensitive subject I've touched on but like me (until a few years ago) there is lots of women who go totally unaware of the facts and use normal daily washes etc on one of our most sensitive parts of our bodies. The good thing is Femfresh is super affordable and there is many different types of washes you can get, there is also a deodorant too I haven't used that myself and don't think I would lol! I hope this subject didn't offend anyone and I hope I kept it as light heartedly as possible :)

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  1. I wish femfresh was as basic to ladies as using deo! No shame in treating your *self* as you should!

    Charlotte - x

    1. I've not heard of deo before x

    2. This is a good sharing. Femfresh’s sexual hygiene washes compliment different wants and really encourage everyday use. It is one of the best-selling sexual washes in England and Questionnaire. … read detail review at:

  2. Hi sorry for going off topic. Your blog is keeping me sane through a nightmare pregnancy I have nonstop sickness and just back from hospital. If possible could you do a post on how to get through it as I have given up and can't cope. Thanks

    1. Sickness is something I suffered severely through my preg 8-9 times a day for 7 months unfortunately there isn't much uncan do I started blogging to keep my mind of it and to keep busy. The main thing was support and help from my hubby x

  3. I am so glad you were brave enough to post this!!! This is a great topic and I think a lot of girls don't know these things. Thank you!!!

  4. Thanks Hun even I didn't know about it til not long ago x


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