Monday, 17 February 2014

Chealsea Beautique Cappuccino Eyebrow Kit Review|Swatches

Chealsea Beautique Cappuccino Eyebrow Kit

'This amazing eyebrow kit will give you perfectly precise brows in seconds and they won’t smudge no matter how much you might sweat! Our professional semi-permanent powders are super-high in pigmentation, gliding and adhering easily on both hair and bare skin.
Our brow stencils are fuss-free and fabulous! They make shaping your brows incredibly quick and streamlined, resulting in an easy-to-achieve shape and perfectly precise arch. Brow stencils come in three different shapes – Vivid, Naturale and Elegant and are guaranteed to suit almost everyone’s individual style. Each of the three stencil shapes comes in both rounded-edge and square-edge finish.
Say goodbye to thin, sparse and crooked eyebrows. Nothing lifts and frames a face as beautifully (or as super-quick), as our Chelsea Brows. This ultimate brow-shaping kit will change your life forever!'

If you are an eyebrow fanatic like me then you will love this post! At £35.00 you will be thinking 'yeah right, whatever, no chance' but trust me read on. This kit claims to be 'smudge proof & water resistant' now recently I am a convert to Anastasia DipBrow Pomades they do an amazing job at staying ALL day with no fuss! So this kit would have had to impress me in a 100 ways for me to be convinced yes this is the shizzle, specially as it is a powder product. Well from the above swatches we can see this kit IS smudge proof that wasn't only me running my finger over once to test it but SEVERAL times and look at the stayin power! Water didn't come close to making this product run either! Impressive huh? 
This kit comes in ah-ma-zing packaging with 6 eyebrow stencils these aren't the flimsy/tacky plastic they are quality plastic, slanted tweezers which lived more than upto my good old Tweezerman tweezers, eyebrow powder (mine was slightly damaged in transit I'm guessing but nothing major) and a duo brush.
I am really impressed with this kit and would happily repurchase not that I will need to for a good 8 months or so as you only need the smallest amount of powder, however the powder and the rest of the products can be bought on its own too. Chelsea Beautique also sell contacts, hair chalks and contacts so be sure to check them out. Below is a picture where I have used this kit on my eyes:

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