Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Bruzz Nail Brush Review

Bruzz Nail Brush £11.95*

This nail brush is nothing like your ordinary nail brush, in fact this is the first time I've seen a nail brush of this design. With 3 way rubber bristles its also softer than your average nail brush. Whats great it this can be used while you have falsies on too with all the fancy gems that is exactly how gentle this brush is, you can use it many different ways even all the way up your fingers!

The brush itself comes in three different colours and is vanilla scented and the bristle pad can be removed for a thorough clean and then putting the pad back into the holder is just as easy as it is to remove it. All my other hand/nail brushes have gone into the bin as this bad boy has taken their place and whats great is it looks a lot better than they did sat on my mirror cabinet.
The Bruzz Nail Brush is described as:

The most hygienic nailbrush in the world. The Bruzz nail brush cleans the top, underside and tip of the nail all in one gentle action. The nailbrush is fully sanitisable and easy to clean with removeable antibacterial bristles.
May be used on both natural and artificial nails.

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  1. I would definitely try this. But when you wear false nails dont you pray which gets in the way I try and keep my natural nails clean false nails means I cannot pray. Lookd lovely though.

    1. It's not just for false nails it can be used on natural nails too

  2. This looks great for my own nails and for those of my boys, nail care is a pet hate of mine and this might just do the trick!

    1. Totally agree mine too, my hubby is a mechanic/mot tester and this is great for him too x


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