Monday, 3 February 2014

Bioderma Skincare Review

Bioderma Review*
Bioderma Micellar Water £4.50 - £14.50
Bioderma Anti-Redness Cream £16.00
I'm a bit late to the Bioderma hype which probably every beauty blogger and celebrity owns. Recently my L'Oreal Micellar Water finished so I got my hands on some of the Bioderma Micellar Water, now I know a lot of people suffered outbreaks from the L'Oreal one but as I always cleansed and toned afterwards I never really had a problem with it other than if I applied to much to my cotton pad it would sting my eyes slightly and also the packaging wasn't the best it gets all over very quickly. But since that ran out I really wanted to try Bioderma's version after all this was the one that kicked off the rest of the brands into creating Micellar Waters. Firstly I love how the packaging has lots more control compared to L'Oreal's version and I've experienced no stinging at all, the next thing I noticed was how very effectively this removed my HEAVY eye makeup specially mascara without the extra tugging and rubbing etc! This has to be the biggest winning point for me I am quite pleased how easily my makeup comes off. I will definitely be purchasing full size next time, I love how it is available in different sizes from as little as £4.50.

Next up I tried their anti-redness cream to be fair I don't really suffer much redness but recently my face has been a crazy-mess which I won't even get started on. I can really only comment on the moisturising side of this product, it works great as a moisturiser specially for me in the A/W my skin goes through quite bad stages of dry skin and I always have to use a thicker moisturiser to keep it settled. This moisturiser did a great job at soothing my skin too as well as moisturising recently I have recovered from dermatitis and as result of that I had been left with patches of sore skin what I found with this moisturiser was that it didn't aggravate my skin but rather soothed it so for that I would happily pay this price again as my usual moisturiser actually failed me.

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  1. I love Bioderma, such a great brand. Not tried the anti-redness cream before though and it looks great! x

    Claire | AgentSmyth | Giveaway

  2. I know that everybody raves about Bioderma and I have never tried anything from them other than the Micellar water but I really didn't get on with it. I found that it broke me out and my skin just didn't like it. The new L'Oreal water is an amazing dupe and dare I say it .. I think it's better xx

    1. Hey that's a shame I have used the loreal one and if I didn't double cleanse that broke me out and would from time to time sting my eyes which is why I preferred this x

  3. Nice review, I have not used any Bioderma products before.


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