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Sunday, 23 February 2014

MAC Bundle Giveaway

Just today I hit 1400 Bloglovin followers and about a week ago I hit 200,000 blog views which means double celebration :)!

Firstly I want to say the BIGGEST thank you to all the support I received when I had this hate issue last week, it really meant the world to me I honestly didn't know I had so much love behind my blog, lots of love to you all.

I put together this giveaway as a way of saying thank you to all my lovely followers without you my blog wouldn't be here today and as my blog means a lot to me as it was a way of therapy for when life was at its lowest to me I really can't thank my fellow bloggers, supporters and followers enough. I have mentioned this time and time again if you follow please don't just  for the sake of entering I'd like all my followers to thoroughly enjoy my blog than to have people follow me just to enter and then give me abuse after! All fake entries will be disqualified and I do personally go through them all. Another important note I do not pick a winner through Rafflecopter, once I have gone through the entries I choose a winner through The giveaway is open worldwide and there will be one winner.

Finally once again a big thank you for all the support and love and a huge good luck.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Something A Little More Personal ..

I've really been thinking this over and over I have even deleted this post a couple of times after starting it, but I thought why not firstly I have nothing to hide secondly I aren't doing anything wrong.

Recently I've been a subject to hate and no its not a suprise I was to face it one day. It's one of those things you expect but when it hits you its a lot harder to deal with.I am not too bothered about people hating on my 'vanity' as its natural jealousy, hate, abuse the lot. But when a person gets personal it is just below the belt. Just to share with all my true followers and supporters and for the haters too, I recieved two emails two days in a row:

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Egyptian Magic Skin Cream Review

Christmas Giveaway Winner

Ok I am mega mega late announcing the winner for my Christmas giveaway, I've had so much on and I did mention on the giveaway post than I will be moving houses etc but better late than never eh!

On another quick not I have had a lot of 'hate' messages about I do spam giveaways well for your info just because I do not choose Rafflecopter to pick winners as I personally sit and go through each entrry before using to pick a winner this doesn't mean fire assumptions and secondly my blog isn't here just for you to be ghost followers and only take part when it comes to enetering giveaways! Rant over lol, now onto the winner who I have also tweeted and in all fairness allow 48hrs for them to come back to me and contact them in every way possible.

So The winner is (drumroll) ......

Dee Scott - 
Twitter: dee_scott7
Email address:

Congrats doll you have won the MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick :)