Monday, 13 January 2014

Phil Smith Hair Products Range Review

Phil Smith Hair Products*

This is a brand I'd vaguely pass when doing my weekly shop in Sainsbury's recently I decided to give them a try. What always caught my eye about the brand was the perky names, bright packaging and absolutely affordable prices starting as low as 99p! As my hair has got longer and due to me losing loads after pregnancy its just not been itself so I'm always on the look out for products to give it some oomph and volume.

The range is designed by and named after celebrity hairdresser Phil Smith. The shampoo and conditioner which contain 'With soy protein for fine, flat or fly-away hair' are great and to some extent give a nice natural lift but once paired with 'Big It Up' I love the finished results and whats good is that the volume stays healthy through 2 full days without my hair getting weighed down and greasy. I've been using the 'Argan Cream' on my hair whilst its damp before blow drying then finishing off with 'Total Treat' this combo  has done exactly what it is deigned to do leaving my ends well nourished and manageable, I do have to top up with Total Treat more than I usually have to when using hair oils.

I am now regularly using this brand and will definitely topping up once I run out, the full range is on 50% off at the moment so shampoo and conditioner you can pick up for £1.99 each for a mega 250ml. Even at full price costing just £3.99 each these are not expensive at all, I would definitely like to try more from this brand.
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  1. Hopped over from Dollie Dowsie :-) hope you can visit me too

    What a bargain I have never heard of the brand before but for that price will certainly pick some up on my next shop :-)

    1. The price is amazing and yes I will definitely pop by your blog x

  2. It´s a new brand for me!

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  3. I've never used this brand before, but I have heard other people rave about it so maybe it's time I gave it a try. ^_^


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