Friday, 24 January 2014

Makeup Forever HD Primer & Foundation Review|Swatches

I have been trialling this duo for sometime now and wanted to make sure I knew exactly how I felt about it before writing my review. Firstly the primer is great for brightening up the skin and keeping the foundation in place all day. it does everything expected of a primer.

The foundation well we shared a love hate relationship but I was determined to suss it and love it. Firstly the shade match is great infact spot on I'm a MAC NC30 - NC35 and this shade is N127 it was a bit of a gamble ordering without being matched up but I don't have MUFE anywhere near me so I took the risk. The texture is very thin and quite runny so I didn't expect much coverage but its pretty deceiving as the coverage is amazing. One thing for sure is your skin needs to be very well prepped I used my daily moisturiser, HD primer, MAC Fix+ and then the primer. If you have dry/flaky skin (on days I have suffered from this while trying this foundation) I recommend to avoid using this as the dry skin really does stand out more than it does when using other foundation. I only use this foundation when I have exfoliated well and prepped my skin well too. I also prefer using this with a damp sponge as it works best this way and doesn't cling to dry skin. After I had tried out all the different ways these are my tips, now that I have found how this best works for me I love it, the coverage is amazing and the staying power is even better. So if you have amazing skin this would be perfect and you'll love it, if like me and most others you tend to suffer from dry skin then you will need to prep and moisturise well for this to work best on your skin.

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  1. Would love to try some products from Makeup Forever! xx

  2. I soo want to try the HD foundation! Thanks for the in-depth review, I'm definitely convinced now :)


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