Thursday, 9 January 2014

Korres Black Pine Firming Night Cream Review

Korres Black Pine Firming Night Cream £31.00*

Helps maintain facial contour while protecting it against wrinkles. Black Pine extract anti-wrinkle, firming and lifting action based on the synergistic effect of selected actives for optimal efficacy. The Korres Research Lab in collaboration with independent research institutes, has proven the exceeding performance of Black Pine polyphenols in maintaining a healthy skin matrix. Skin matrix supports all essential skin mechanical properties, including firmness, elasticity, resistance against deep wrinkles and sagging, face contour maintenance.

  • 92.8% natural content
  • For all skin types
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Suitable for vegans

Korres is a brand which is well known for its lip butters, I have also tried their makeup range which you can see my review on *HERE*. Since the lip butters this is my second skin care item from this brand but to know it is mostly a natural cream and reading the description of what it claims to do I was drawn in. For decent skin care the price tag is not huge I know £31.00 is a lot for a night cream but like I said for a decent skin care product this is not shocking or too much.

I have used this for roughly two weeks before I had to stop, I cut everything in my skin care and stripped it to basics as my skin which never breaks out decided to break out. My face was a mess so I stuck to no makeup gentle cleanse and toners and moisturising that was about it, I think this was due to the stress of moving.

In the two weeks I used this I did appear to find a noticeable amount of change nothing drastic as we all know if a cream could give you crazy results where everything turned perfect then there's something worrying about it. However I found my skin had actually toned up, now I must say I don't suffer from anything such as my skin being loose/saggy but certain area's like my chin and under chin definitely needed a little perk which is where I noticed the changes the most. As for wrinkles I have the slightest fine lines now appearing uner my eyes but I wasn't going to use this on my eyes. Overall I am quite pleased with the results I have now continued to use this as I think its better tackling skin before the problems arise rather than afterwards and yes I will be re-purchasing.

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Do let me know what night creams you use and if they are any good at doing what this night cream has done.

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  1. This sounds fabulous! I want to try it so bad.

    Charlotte - xx


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