Saturday, 11 January 2014

Etude House Mini Haul Review/Swatches

Korean products have become a hit here in the UK they are quite easily and actually quite affordably available to us here in the UK. I got all 3 items from eBay, the Heart Blusher for roughly about £15, Lipstick was roughly £7-£8 and the blusher was about £5. I did actually order another lipstick but that never showed up :(

I love love love the packaging of all the Etude House makeup products specially this Heart Blusher Set it comes well presented in a gorgeous pot and a little pouf, costing £15 it is slightly pricey, I yet need to find a way to pick the colour up well from the hearts I have tried using a slightly rough brush but only got a gentle flush of colour. From the above swatch you can see each one of the hearts has a good amount of colour to it.

Next up I picked this gorgeous blusher which is a pastel pink. this blusher not only gives a flush of colour to the cheeks but also adds a nice hint of highlight too, sometimes I tend to use this as a highlighter or just on the apples of my cheeks. I adore the little pouf too, I don't think i will use it to apply the blusher as I am so used to using brushes plus it looks too cute to use.

This lipstick is from the Dear My Blooming Lips collection, this is my favourite lipstick to use on at the moment. Unfortunately like most of the Korean make-up products this didn't come with a shade name. It looks a lot more opaque and matte in natural daylight, the staying power of this lipstick is amazing. I am hopefully wanting to get some more colours from this range as I'm absolutely in love with this lipstick. The packaging again is beautiful, it comes in a pink pearlescent bullet with a little bow.

Is there anything you would recommend from the Etude House makeup products because I'm definitely wanting to venture further and purchase more products, please leave me a comment with any recommendations.

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  1. adorable haul girl!


  2. Really like your blog found you on Fiona's blog hop just followed you!

    Rebecca x

  3. Gorgeous packaging!

  4. great post.
    i am following your blog. pls follow back

  5. All products look so cute :) Great post!

    Pink Frenzy

  6. I recommend their Dear My Jelly lips (they're sheer, glossy, and beautiful!) as well their Face Designing Brightner (subtle but gorgeous highlighter!).

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  8. i love how the packaging is pretty on all the stuff! so much classier then it being plain!

    i followed you from the dolly dowsie bloghop! would you check my blog out to and maybe follow?

    1. Will check out your blog thanks for stopping by and yes the stuff is affordable too


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