Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Elemis Absolute Eye Mask Review

Elemis Absolute Eye Mask £29.00*

The Elemis Absolute Eye Mask is an eye-brightening treatment that combines vital extracts of Rose, Mimosa, Cornflower and Comfrey to help decongest, firm and minimise dark circles and leave the delicate eye area soothed and revitalized. 

This mask from the first time I tried it has climed its way into my skin care routine, instantly my eyes felt brighter and fresher. I followed the instructions and applied this sparingly (you literally need the tiniest amount) avoiding contact with my eyes carefully I applied it to all the indicated areas and left for 10 mins before washing off. I noticed a my VERY fine lines were minimised to a very noticeable extent. As I started using this regularly my eyes also started brightening up and the eye area felt a lot more firmer (not that I have saggy eyes).

Yes at £29.00 for 30ml this product may seem pricey, but I can see this lasting a good 4-6 months as you do literally need the slightest amount. The eyes are the most delicate features on our face making them also the areas most prone to ageing, this little tube is a key for anyone wanting to keep them at bay for as long as possible or even for anyone suffering from them already.

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  1. This looks amazing I love you noticed a difference in your fine lines so quickly! Will definatley have to get myself some of this!
    lots of love,
    Laura x

  2. Thanks for sharing your review! I love using eye masks, I would check it out too.

  3. Nice to read your article! I am looking forward to sharing your adventures and experiences. severe dry eye after lasik


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