Saturday, 4 January 2014

Body Shop Brush On Bronze & The Sparkler Review|Swatches

Body Shop Brush On Bronze & The Sparkler Review*
Body Shop Brush On Bronze £14.00

I've really been loving bronzers recently which really made me want to go back to the start, I first discovered something similar to these over ten years ago when Body Shop pots used to be a square'ish shape, I actually started off with quite a lot of Body Shop makeup which I used to sly away off my sister, they were a slightly darker matte shade. I wouldn't use these for contouring as they contain a great deal of shimmer, I enjoy using these more so for a glow of colour to the cheeks and sometimes when I'm missing the warmer days I tend to go for a tanned look by adding a touch to my cheek bones and some to my nose. The pigmentation is great I think I had my last pot for 5 years plus until I realised they were probably well past their 'use by' date.

The Sparkler - Enchanting Gold £15.00

This was another product I have previously owned too, I think Body Shop released something very similar in the past about 3-4 years ago around the christmas season, I had this previously in the pink shade which is also available now. So I decided to giv the golden shade a go this time. This is basically the finest glitter I will have probs seen in a bottle with a gorgeous pump, the pump bottle reminds me of the puff perfumes that were available to buy over 10-15 years ago. The Sparkler also has a lovely rose kind of scent to it too, but I have got to say I'm not as pleased with this one as much as I was with my last one, with the last Sparkler I owned the glitter and application was a lot more controlled so it was great to use in many different ways on the face, with this Sparkler I found the glitter goes all over so more useful for larger areas like hair and body (glitter is a lot more visible to the naked eye, the flash took away the limelight in the above photo), I also found this one has a slight white'ish powder base to it too which didn't equally distribute. I have since held it from a further distance and tried it in my hair and along my chest (thats a great tip for the festive season if your wearing a pretty low top spraying this above your cleavage gives you a natural boostier look). I would definitely be using this for my hair and body and like I said its perfect for the cristmas season.
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  1. These look gorgeous :) Great post!

    Pink Frenzy

  2. These actually look like such beautiful products! I am going to check out the bronzer because I think it will work out well for my skin tone, but I think I should wait for the summer if it has a lot of glitter in it:)xx


    1. Yeh its great for adding warmth to our skin tones x


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