Thursday, 5 December 2013

Xmas Gift Ideas Tag #4 | Umberto Giannini Gift Sets Review | #bigblogmasproject

Umberto Giannini Gift Sets Review*
Umberto Giannini is a brand I tried one product from and kind of put myself off, to be fair I guess it was my fault as I didn't give it a fair shot. Infact the same product is one I've fallen in love with .. its the Back-Comb In A Bottle. So today I'm going to be featuring two gift sets which would make perfect Xmas presents.
Umberto Giannini Incredibly Body Full Volume Kit £16.00

  • Incredible Body Volume Hair Spray for Big Hair (200ml)
  • Incredible Body Dry Root Lift Spray for Big Hair (250ml)
  • Incredible Body Mousse (200ml)
  • Pintail comb
  • 4 large Velcro rollers
  • 4 small Velcro rollers
With this kit you can achieve three different looks; backcombing, big wave glamour and high hair updo perfect to use on Xmas or for the partying/meal out days after Xmas. It would also make a great gift for anyone who loves volumised hair or even for someone who all new to it and wants a brand to start with. I love the funky velcro rollers and the pintail comb which is amazing quality, something I've been after for a while but never had the chance to pick one up. I love the 'Full Volume Spray For Big Hair' I use this on my hair whilst its damp so while I blow dry my hair with a barrel brush this really works with it, also a winner because my hair is the type that if I spray anything direct onto the roots whilst its dry it gets weighed down very easily.
Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Essentials Styling Kit £20.00

  • Morning After Dry Shampoo (200ml)
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Extreme Hair Spray (30ml)
  • Backcomb in a Bottle (200ml)
  • Pin tail comb
  • Black hair pompom grips
Firstly this set comes in a tin style box with an amazing illustration on the front, so can be reused I've kept mine for all my hair accessories etc. This again would be an amazing gift set for people who love backcombing. I love the Morning After Dry shampoo its great for adding volume and oomph as well as doing what its purpose is. I was also suprised with the hold 'Rock N Roll' gives it definitely great for keeping big hair in place. Ok so the Backcomb In A Bottle the first time I tried this I didn't have much luck, I used it with a normal brush and well I can't say anymore than that, since then it sat at the back of my hair products draw. until I received this kit and decided I give it another proper go so I freshly washed my hair blow-dryed it with the Full Volume Hair Spray once I'd done that I sprayed the Backcomb In A Bottle and used the comb provided, sectioned my hair and worked my way through, I finally finished with a quick spritz my hair with Rock N Roll and I won't lie it took me a couple of times before I sussed the way it worked with my hair best but it did last well for two days (touch up on the backcombing the second day) what I liked even better was I only gently backcombed my hair without going all major on it as I'm not one for backcombing often.
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  1. The second kit is amazing I love it!!!! Big fan of these products xx


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