Friday, 6 December 2013

Sigma Enlight Collection Eyeshadow Base Review|Swatches | #bigblogmasproject

Sigma Enlight Collection Eyeshadow Bases*

So Sigma's holiday collection 'Enlight' goes live to us UK peeps on Monday 9th December I know Beauty Chamber will be stocking the full collection. As a part of the collection they will be releasing three cream eyeshadow bases in shades 'Awake, Neuteralize and Composed'. The texture of these is cream which glides on and tends to set to some degree even making them quite extensively smudge proof, I'd say these dry to about 85% smudge proof.

Awake - a pastel pink great as a base under all pink/white based eyeshadows.

Neauteralize - this one has to be my fav, its a pastel kind of orange shade with noticeable shimmer particles.

Composed - is like a dirt brown, again great to be worn under warm/browns.

I have been trialling these for roughly a week and must say I'm totally in love. The texture which is cream dries and sets. I've worn these on their own and they have been almost crease proof which is rare for my eyes. When I wore these under eyeshadows they also did a great job and stayed put all day! This is my first time trying their cream bases, only since I got these I have realised they also do a permanent line of cream bases which you can find *HERE* I'm definitely going to be looking into trying some more of the cream base range.

So here's a promo pic I found of the full collection:
3 Eyeshadow Bases
3 Lipglosses
3 Brushes
3 Pencils
3 Eyeshadows
Finally a new paleete

I've got my eye on the beautiful eyeshadow palette, will you be buying anything from this collection or adding anything from it to your Xmas lists?

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  1. Oh wow what gorgeous colours!!!xx

  2. I'm fond of all the beautiful colors. Very nice!

  3. oh they look so lovely! i love the brown.. :)


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