Thursday, 26 December 2013

MAC Stroke Of Midnight Brush Kit: Essentials Review

Set Contains:
168SE Large Angled Contour Brush
217SE Blending Brush
212SE Flat Definer Brush
239SE Eye Shader Brush
193SE Angled Foundation Brush
Limited-edition black Stroke of Midnight bag features a chic graphic white pattern, elegantly edged with gold piping.

This was the set that I was least pleased with out of all the sets I got from MAC's Holiday collection, it contains some of the same brushes from one of last years holiday collection brush sets. I found the quality really was just not the same even compared to the short handle set from last year. The bristles where just far too prickly to use on my face. This set appears to actually be sold out on MAC's website which has shocked me to be honest. I definitely don't think it was worth £42.00 although they are short handled you still don't expect to experience something prickly while it has a heavy price tag and MAC's name stamped on it.

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  1. That's such a shame they look so pretty x

  2. oh no...I just got this for first MAC brushes.....I haven't opened them yet. I really hate to hear that they aren't top quality. Like I said they are my first MAC brushes so they very well could turn me off of them forever...

    1. Ahh I wouldn't judge mac brushes based on these hun the short handled brushes quality isn't made as great as the full size ones I guess these are just smaller versions for sets x

  3. Wow, these brushes are absolutely stunning! I had no idea MAC released this kit, thanks for sharing! :) x


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