Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Illamasqua Fatale Palette & Sleek Velvet Blusher Review|Swatches

Illamasqua Fatale Palette & Sleek Velvet Blusher Review

I purchased this palette a while back when it was first released, I was rather drawn into it once I started seeing swatches flying about, didn't take me long nor did it take much convincing. I managed to pick this up for £20.40 as I get pro discount with Illamasqua so a bargain in a sense I guess too.

I'd say this palette is perfect for all the ladies who like to wear their makeup very subtle, as for me I love my intensity and hugely pigmented colours which is why I picked this palette up. Initially when I first saw pictures of this palette and swatches it appeared to be a lot more brighter which kind of pulled me down when I received this. Since then however I've actually grown to love this palette I now use a good pigmented base and then apply these over. As the texture of these eyeshadows is a mixture of creamy and almost mousse like I find it better to apply these eyeshadows with a flat brush. What I do really like is the versatility of this palette you can use it for almost anything eyeshadow (of course), blusher and even on the lips.

Just about the same time this Velvet Blusher in 'Sleek' which had been out of stock for some while had been stocked up so it was the perfect chance to pick this up too, the full retail price of this blusher is £18.00 and since trying the shade 'Peaked' I was totally sucked in for this shade too. The texture is a cream to powder texture and the lasting power is applausable, this blends out so smoothly too which is the one thing I love. In the pan the shade appears more orange than when its swatched where it appears more of a pink/coral, its a great shade to wear in the winter for the flushed cheeks look and is a shade that'll suit all skin tones. I do hope Illamasqua release some more shades in the Velvet Blusher range.

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  1. The colors in the palette looks pretty, but it would be nice if they looked as pigmented as they do in the pans! That blush color looks perfect though!


  2. I love the colours of both! Really nice.



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