Thursday, 19 December 2013

Cargo Beach Blush & Cargo HD Review/Swatches

Cargo Beach Blush &Cargo HD*
These are my first ever products from Cargo, I think it seems to be a brand what doesn't get as much limelight in the UK as it does in America and other parts of the world. I've always had a more high end feel about Cargo rather than high street. The one thing that has always caught my eye is their quirky packaging, its something totally different to the rest of the cosmetic brands which adds a personality of it s own to the brand name.

Cargo Beach Blush - Sunset Beach £20.00

One of the products I've ALWAYS wanted to try was their Beach Blushers mainly because I was totally sucked in by their packaging more than anything else. So I decided to go for Sunset Beach there is another 4 colours available in this blusher. Sunset Beach appears a lot brighter on the pictures so that is a slight let down I would have like the shades to be as bright as they appear on BeautyBays website the other let down is the packaging isn't very secure itself and the blusher isn;t so secure either mine has started swirling around with my brush. Other than this the blusher has good pigmentation and looks quite posh sat along with the rest of my blushers. I would like to try the shade Cable Beach which is made up of bright corals (in the picture). I was actually suprised at the size of the blusher I expected it to be a lot smaller, it is roughly slightly bigger than palm size. At the moment I'm 50/50 on these blushers I think I would try another one before I totally make my mind up.

Cargo HD Picture Perfect Translucent Powder £21.00

Before I got the Cargo HD Picture Perfect Translucent powder I was using MAC's Translucent powder so it was great to see how this performed against a high end powder. Firstly the packaging is the best thing that could have been created for a loose powder product I had problems with MAC's Translucent powder as it was just open I always got too much produt on my brush this meant I then had to swirl the brush in the lid to equally distribute it on my brush and get rid of any excess the problem then came when I had to try get the excess powder back into the pot (a total nigtmare).. Then you get the pots with the small holes again you had to tap it out into the lid and then swirl the brush in the pot and so on. This product however is the genius idea, what you get is a flexible net so you press your brush down to get the powder onto your brush and just swirl the excess off in the same pot. This I have to say is now my HG setting powder it lives well upto MAC and much more. You get a matte finish and I have been using this on models for photoshoots and the pictures have come out perfect! I do have to touch up mid-day but that's normal for me. I believe this is sold out at the moment on BeautyBay but it may be worth having a look around at other stockists.
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