Sunday, 1 December 2013

Artdeco High Precision Liner & Eyeshadows Review/Swatches | #bigblogmasproject

Artdeco Review*

These are my second lot of Artdeco products I previously reviewed a couple of their products from their Color & Art Collection which you can read about *here*.

This time I decided to review their eyeshadows which retail at £5.50 each and come with handy little clear plastic lids, on the lids are the shade numbers. Palette's are also available to buy to pop the eyeshadows into. Above swatches are without any primer I must say I'm quite pleased with the pigmentation, the texture of these is soft and east to work with. I think the price tag is great for how well they preform and would definitely be interested in buying some more, the duo chrome eyeshadows have got my eye at the moment.

Next up the High Precision Liner comes with a fine, very flexible felt end, this moves along the eyelid easily and leaves a shine finish. I have to say this has made it to my top makeup products retailing at £21.00 it may seen pricey but for the job it does it's totally worth it. The felt end is flexible enough to almost do a 90 degree angle, pretty amazing right? Whats even better is the end has equal amount of product throughout I found the very fine end great for getting in to the corners of my eyes without having to press down hard at all, the liner lasts well all day and is also very easy to remove. This will be a product I will be most definitely repurchasing. 

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  1. I like Artdeco products. First eyeshadow looks real nice! And I'd like to hear more about this eyeliner. Been looking for eyeliner in this form, but don't know which one to get.

    Deja Zu

    1. Deja I can't recommend this eyeliner enough, it is perfect x


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