Thursday, 21 November 2013

Xmas Gift Ideas Tag #1 | Sam's Picks - Real Techniques Ltd Edition Set Review

Sam's Picks - Real Techniques Ltd Edition Set £29.99*

Over the next few weeks up until the run of Xmas I have decided to do a tag where I will feature products that would make a great Xmas gift, this will just be frequently no set dates etc and just for ideas really. Our brains can go over load and ideas all of a sudden run away or we can even tend to forget people off our lists until you see something they would totally love. I know a lot of other bloggers are doing the same and I enjoy seeing their posts so I thought why not ..

Today is my first gift idea and its non other than the infamous Real Techniques, this set is a limited edition with all Sam's favourite brushes, there's also the added bonus of a new brush 'Essential Crease Brush'. I already have the 'Pointed Foundation Brush' and the 'Buffing Brush' but as a MUA there's no such thing as too many :)

Multi-Task Brush
This is the largest brush out of this set and the largest Real Techniques brush I own even bigger (width wise) than my Real Techniques Blusher brush. This is designed for powder, blusher or bronzer and I will be using it for powder setting, although I may also use it for applying bronzer for contouring the larger areas like the forehead/under chin. I reckon I may just use it with highlighter too when I want to get a very light but wide spread of highlight.

Setting Brush
This is designed for setting your makeup so again with powder or for applying highlighter. I think I will be using it more for highlighter due to its size although it will also be handy for setting makeup in the more difficult areas around the nose area/under eyes.

Buffing Brush
This is designed to be ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation. Now I tend to switch between this and my Real Techniques Stippling brush for applying foundation, this definitely gives you the full coverage look by softly blending onto the skin.

Pointed Foundation Brush
This is designed to be used with liquid foundation to build custom coverage. However I tend to use this for applying concealer to larger areas so like the triangle shape under the eyes and the t-zone as it isn't as big as I like my brushes to be when I apply foundation.

Essential Crease Brush (NEW)
So this is a brush which wasn't available before it is designed for contouring. I will be using this on the crease when I'm either doing a cut-crease or smokey eye, I will also use this for contouring the cheek bones, sides of my nose and around the jawline so definitely a good addition to the Real Techniques range.

Fine Liner Brush
Finally the Fine Liner brush which I don't think i need to explain its purpose lol. I never get enough of liner brushes I have about 6 but these are great as I tend to use them for different purposes/colours. I do much prefer this one over my normal Real Technique Liner Brush which is a lot thicker.

My set is from Beauty Chamber this retails at £29.99 for 6 brushes which works out just under £5.00 per brush so a total save to say Real Techniques brushes cost £8-£12 if bought on their own which is pretty inexpensive as it is anyway but obviously this kit works out even better.

I think this would make a perfect gift for any makeup lover or even for a newbie, I've had my previous Real Techniques brushes for over 2 years and use them for clients, photoshoots and some of my own for personal use. I spot clean mine and then wash them weekly too yet my brushes are still going strong, I've only ever once experienced fall-out once and that was just a couple of loose bristles. So not only are these good value for money, they are VERY good quality and will last a long time. So get your hands on this set before they are sold out.
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  1. I want this set so bad! I'm trying to resist though since I already have the setting brush and the liner brush, and I don't think I would use the pointed foundation brush. I've also got some other brush that I'm looking at purchasing with Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. Gah! :-) Thanks for the review.

    1. I actually had a few of the brushes myself but then this set is so worth it x

  2. I got mine in the post this morning. It's a Christmas present so have just over a month to wait to dive in and experiment. There my first set from the brand x

    1. I think every MUA and makeup lover would recommend real techniques including me, u will love them x

  3. Nice gift set, I definitely need to pick this up.


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