Friday, 15 November 2013

Label.m Ceramic Tourmaline Dryer Review

Label.m Ceramic Tourmaline Dryer - £46.95*

I am one who has/does own hoard hairdryers, I've had over 7-8 in my time and currently have another 3 sat in my store room. It's even safe to say I am pretty much very fussy with hairdryers, I like the type that have more power than heat which is only a good thing I guess because if it's the opposite you either spend ages drying your hair or turn the heat up which means more damage. I've never really tried a salon brand hair dryer so it was interesting to see what the fuss is and how it compares to your normal brands.

This hairdryer comes with your average sized concentration novel and then one which is nearly double the size, I love using the larger one as I have long hair so for me this is a great idea. Performance .. Well 
 I have to admit this is the best one I've owned! It has a whopping 2200 watts behind it so that only means I don't have to use the hottest setting nor have to sit ages drying my hair, this then results in me being able to sculpt my hair exactly how I'd like it to fall, to put it simpler its PERFECT. Drying time has cut down even more than ever before.

I also bought this Magic Diffuser to go with my hairdryer for the days I just want to add some definition/waves to my hair, this retails at £9.00. I've never owned a diffuser before so it was all new to me infact I was pretty shocked at the size of it but after doing some research I figured it was normal. The diffuser was great and simple to use for me (a utter newbie). After watching some YT tutorials off I went to have a play. The blowing power was equally spread through my hair without any over-heat, the small holes made it possible to cover my hair equally. I was quite pleased with the results and the waves held pretty well.

Overall I am hugely impressed and would love to venture into more of Label.m's styling tools, I reckon I'll be sticking with this hairdryer for sometime.

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  1. I've always not seen the need to use a diffuser but after reading the review etc tempted now xx

    1. This was my first time using a diffuser too x


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