Saturday, 23 November 2013

Hd Brows Brushes, SOS Balm & Professional Powder Base Palette/Swatches

Hd Brows Brushes, SOS Balm & Professional Powder Base Palette*
Well who would've known HD Brows would've expanded themselves so much to release more than just eyebrow products and after doing so well with their eyebrow products why shouldn't they. Today I am exploring into their more extended range of products which are non-eyebrow related.

HD Brows SOS Balm - £16.95

First up is their SOS Balm, if I'm honest I didn't expect much from this at all, now it may seem pricey at £16.95 BUT you do get a whopping 25ml which will last ages. The texture is almost buttery once applied it's not too thick and not too thin. After using this on my chapped lips I was amazed at how quick it healed and protected them as well as keeping my lips well moisturized. The balm doesn't wear away quickly either. I love using this as a prep for my lips before applying and highly pigmented/dark lipstick shades, it is perfect and gives just the right amount of moisture. So overall I am hugely pleased with this product whats even better is it is made up of just 3 different types of ingredients. I have read companies are replacing 'Parabens' with 'Potassium Sorbate' which may possible be why this product has this ingredient however as it stands the balm contains no parabens which means no nasties huge bonus.

HD Brows Professional Powder Base Palette £29.95

 Next up is their Professional Powder Base palette, being a makeup artist this was very interesting to review, to see how it lives up to the expectations from a powder palette. This comes with a handy sized mirror and a double ended brush which I don't think will be much use to me however it is great to use the powders against the clients skin to see which shade matches the best, you also get a great range of shades so theirs one to match almost all skin tones. The powders can be used solely on their own in replacement of a foundation or as setting powders. I have been enjoying using these to set my foundation and using the darker shade as a bronzer. The pigmentation is soft and easy to work with, you need a light hand as it is very lightweight and can easily be over packed. Generally I am quite pleased with this palette and have to say HD Brows have done a great job, retailing at £29.95 this palette is great even for personal use.

HD Brows Eye & Brow Brush Collection £74.95

Finally this is the Eye & Brow Brush Collection consisting of ten brushes, includes the following:
Angled Brow Brush, Fine Angled Brow Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Angled Eye Shadow Brush, Eye Shading Brush, Eye Smudger Brush, Angled Blending Brush, Precision Eyeliner Brush and Fan Mascara Brush.
I would say this set contains almost all your basic eye brushes and a few advanced brushes too for example the Eye Smudger brush which is one you would usually find in a advanced eye brush kit, Also look at how cute the Fan Mascara Brush is! The brushes all come with HD Brows logo stamped on the handles, I've not experienced any fall-out from these brushes, they are pretty lightweight and easy to control. Yes the kit is slightly pricey generally I'm quite pleased with the brushes I would however liked a couple of them to be be slightly more dense but  overall I enjoy using these brushes.

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  1. WOW the brushes are gorge but so steep!

    Charlotte - x

    1. They are worth the price, they work out at roughly £7.50 per brush x

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