Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Clarins Extra Firming Lip & Contour Balm & Blush Prodige

Clarins Extra Firming Lip & Contour Balm & Blush Prodige*
I have started becoming more conscious about my skin since hitting 25 I have slight fine lines appearing under my eyes, yes they may be barely noticeable but I really want to tackle it before its too late. I have started looking after my skin a lot and have PROPER day and night skin routines. I wanted to introduce one of the products which I use in my night time skin routine.
Extra Firming Lip & Contour Balm £31.00

I was intruged the first time I saw this balm and straight-away gave it a shot. I apply this each night, although I don't suffer from any fine lines around my lips, I have found this has really helped with the fine lines on my lips I'm not sure if these are from ageing or genetic but this stuff has definitely helped. I apply htis to my lips and around as instructed. This also comes with a handy spatula, I just tend to use my fingers. My lips feel soft and fresh in the morning so this definitely works its magic, I have noticed since using this my lips have been a lot more under control (I have suffered from dry, chapped lips for most of my life due to my coldsores). This is definitely a staple in my routine I have been using this over two weeks now and the pot has barely gone down so I can see it lasting a good few months.

Clarins Blush Prodige - Sunset Coral £26.00
Both shades together

I previously reviewed 'Miami Pink' in the Prodige blusher which you can see the review for *HERE* today I am reviewing the shade 'Sunset Coral' I have literally been wearing this nearly everyday since getting this. I like using the lighter shade as a blusher and the darker shade works amazingly as a bronzer.
I don't usually use brushes what come with kits but this handy little brush is great for adding the bronzer on and works really well at blending too. This adds a hint or warmth to my cheeks which is something I revert to in the A/W period I wear less pinks. Like I mentioned last time I do wish the blusher compact came in a 50/50 style as it would be easier to get to the darker shade however I do like the concept of the design it looks great just a little difficult reaching the darker shade.

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  1. Clarins products are just wonderful - great quality and cute packaging. I haven't tried the lip balm yet, since I've got another one from Gatineau I'm working on, but it's on my list - I love these lip contouring products and they're brilliant to use as a lip primer. Xx


    1. Totally agree it's amazing as a lip primer, I also apply it under my balm on a night and my lips are lush by morning x

  2. Gorgeous blush and you look beautiful!

  3. You look amazing! Love Clarins products, my sister used them on her wedding day and she looked so beautiful :) Great review! L xo

    1. Absolutely love everything about products specially their packaging and attention to detail x

  4. Your make up looks so nice, the blusher and lipstick really suits you :-)

    Love your review on your lip balm; great news that it makes your lips feel soft and fresh!

    x Roch & Tash x

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