Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Billion Dollar Brows Review/Swatches

Billion Dollar Brows*
Brows are a hot topic recently and there's so many kits readily available too. One of the well known brands is Billion Dollar Brows AKA BDB. Today I am reviewing their Brow Buddy Kit, Smudge Brush and Universal Brow Pencil.

Brow Buddy Kit - £22.00

The Brow Buddy Kit comes with 2 items; first is a very handy tool which helps you work out the different points of your brows as equally as it can possibly be, its very easy and simple to use as you can see from the diagram abovve, it actually was useful to me too as it helped me realise where my eyebrows need to start. The second item is a white pencil which is very handy whether your eyebrows need doing or not the white pencil is great for adding depth and definition to well filled-in eyebrows. This is a very handy kit to be honest and would go down really well if you are just getting in to the whole eyebrow 'thing' or even for people like me I'm a MUA and do lots of eyebrow filling yet it taught me a thing or two., this will definitely be going in my make-up kit.

Smudge Brush - £17.00

Although I've been filling in my eyebrows for years now one thing I hadn't really done was use a flat brush like the Smudge Brush this has now become a staple in my routine. I found it is great to take away that very 'harsh' kind of effect. I like doing my eyebrows where they start of very smooth and subtle and go into a very dark angled effect almost like ombre and this brush is brilliant for helping me achieve exactly that. The brush itself is very thin but yet flexible with a strong wooden handle and what I love about brushes is when they have a company logo and the name of the brush stamped on the handle this adds personality and reflects attention to care - this brush has both!

Universal Brow Pencil - £17.00

When I first started filling in my eyebrows a eyebrow brush was a must in my makeup bag but as time went on I discovered powders and converted to them so realistically speaking I'm not so much a fan of eyebrow pencils until recently. This eyebrow brush is perfect paired with the Smudge brush, I use this now to fill in from the angle of my brow to the outer corner without smudging and then from the angle of my brow to the inner corners filled in with this but smudged it gives a great effect. The pencil comes with a handy eyebrow comb at one end and a universal shade at the other end.

A quick picture - here I used the Universal Brow Pencil
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    1. I love the tool and smudge brush amazing products x

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    1. Haha that's exactly what I thought but it's definitely a handy tool x


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